Good Tuesday morning friends

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  1. timer lady

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    & fellow warrior mums. :warrior:

    The hjm :coffee: is brewing away - it's a Minnesotan blend called, I believe, the Yeti blend the above link is where I order my coffee. I ordered my dad a couple of pounds for Christmas.

    Nothing going on today in the tweedle household; okay, other than kt's in home therapist nothing is going on.

    Have a calm day all.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, Linda. Enjoy your coffee. I've had to resort to instant, lately, even though we have good coffee beans at home. Just not enough time.

    Well, we survived our busy Tuesday. difficult child 3 had trouble settling to work but he's produced a lot over the past week so I can forgive the occasional slow day. husband was home on a day off and suffering from a bad back. He had to see the podiatrist this afternoon (who said the bad back is due to his new shoes).

    I took my last lunchtime class for the school year - the kids erupted from their classroom as the lunch bell sounded and instead of heading to the playground, they were screaming, "Chess! Yay!" and heading in my direction. Over 30 kids, not enough chess boards or seats to go around, so the kids sit anywhere and eat their lunch while either playing, or watching. I think I now understand why there is that Light Brigade effect as the bell goes - they're trying to be the first, so they get first turn at actually playing a chess game.

    Rushed home from chess to immediately grab my bag to go out with husband, mother in law & difficult child 3. We dropped mother in law at the mall, took husband to his podiatrist appointment, did a little local browsing with just me and difficult child 3 then took him to his drama class, went back to collect husband who dropped me off at the drama class then went to collect mother in law and do a little shopping himself. Back to collect me and difficult child 3, then off to do a bit more shopping (we bought a digital camera for husband's two nieces to share) then home to cook dinner. Whew!

    We're losing the drama teacher, there's a chance I'll be asked (with another mother) to step in and do what we can, although I'm not sure but they may insist on someone with education training plus Special Education training. I could do it as part of a team but really, help would be needed; one boy in particular needs individual handling as he upsets all the other kids. This other mother can handle this kid as nobody else can, if we can work together it would be good.
    There are other possibilities too, but it would be a shame for this class to cease; it's sometimes the only chance these kids can meet and they mostly get on well, it's good social training for them. Not all are autistic; some have unspecified developmental delay while others are very definitely specified. Not all have intellectual delay, either. Another high-functioning autistic kid is in difficult child 3's class.

    Tonight there is a TV show on eagles, difficult child 1 is glued to the TV. difficult child 3 is heading for bed, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is feeling sick (again) and I'm VERY glad we are taking her to see a specialist tomorrow, to try to find what is causing all this. She's not able to eat without feeling sick and having abdominal pain and too many people (and doctors) who don't know her, take one look at her tiny frame and say, "Eating disorder!"
    But it's not.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone. I'll let you know how we go with easy child 2/difficult child 2 tomorrow.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Enjoy your hmj! :coffee: Sounds like a quiet day for you.

    Marguerite-Sounds like your day was the exhausting type. It's neat that so many kids want to play chess. I have a lot of chess players in my classroom this year. I hope easy child/difficult child 2 is feeling better soon.

    The weather here is a mess this morning. We are supposed to get sleet, freezing rain, and snow. Of course, knowing our school district they won't cancel and I'll get to have the pleasure of driving in this mess. I don't like driving in snow but add in the other stuff and it is downright scary!

    I'm not sure what is on the agenda for after school. We are supposed to have book club which would be fun if the weather cooperates and I would like to squeeze in a workout :smile:Also difficult child has wrestling which husband will have to take him to if I go to book club.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds several reasons to smile. :rudolph:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :xmasdancers:Good Morning!!

    Linda, sounds like a peaceful, catch-up-on-some-sleep kinda day for you! I enjoy my Christmas blend coffee this time of the year (which follows my pumpkin spice fall blend!). Get some rest today :sleeping:

    Marg, what a day you had! I have those results from the bacteria experiment difficult child did. Naturally, water (the constant) performed the worse with the most bacteria colonies. Believe it or not, antibacterial hand soap was 100% effective!! There were no colonies at all! A clorox solution came in the second most effective. Least effective, not including the constant, were Listerine and hand sanitizer (which really suprised us) :doctor:.

    Sharon, hope you get your book club in tonight - sounds fun. You haven't done that for awhile have you?

    Field trip with difficult child today. He's going to this colonial home museum (which was moved from the country here many, many years ago) which is about ten mintutes away from school to wrap up their colonist unit in history. I have wanted to go for years but never got there. My living and dining room are decorated in the federal style and I always wanted to go see the authentic stuff. We are having lunch there (brown bag). I really have a lot of work to do at the office, not sure I will get but an hour in. But, one day I'll probably wish for the days when my kids wanted me along on field trips.......

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday

    Sharon :rudolph:
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    Good Morning all, no extra running today other than taking easy child to school. (shhhh... must not say that too loud or someone or thing will hear and make me run!)

    Paying some bills and cleaning house today. Praying difficult child is calmer today about schoolwork. Did offer to help him yesterday perhaps it was his mood but he refused my help. :rolleyes:

    Got our Christmas tree up last night. How does this go for you guys? Every year my fantasy is getting out the lights and ornaments, drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music as we are decorating. :lights: That never happens. Last night husband yelled at difficult child about stepping on lights in the floor. difficult child and easy child started fighting about various task. Oh well in a perfect world....

    Guess I have seen too many Norman Rockwell paintings!

    Hope you all have a great peaceful day.

  6. hearts and roses

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    Good Tuesday morning,

    Linda, have a pain free, restful day.

    Marg, your post exhausted me. Wow, when do you NOT have a busy day?? I hope you get a chance to just "be".

    Sharon (WO), Joining a book club sounds so great to me. I am constantly reading and would love to discuss some of the books I read from time to time.

    Sharon (LDM), Enjoy the field trip. I miss those days, they were so much fun.

    Laura, when the girlys were little, we decorated our tree to the sounds of holiday music, the girls giggling as they looked over the homemade ornaments and H & I would be nursing a glass of wine or eggnog. These days, we're lucky if we're all home; easy child is at college, difficult child brings home a friend, there is no wine sipping and we usually forget to put on the music till we're almost done. difficult child dashes out the door the moment the last ornament is hung. Hahah, Norman Rockwell, funny.

    Working today - continuing my wrap-up for the end of year stuff. I should find out later today or tomorrow what this years' bonuses will be - can't wait! I am desperatly awaiting this so I take care of some things, like driving glasses for both difficult child and me, I need to get snow tires, and buy oil for the tank. Whew. It will be nice if there is a little left over for fun stuff.

    Enjoy your day everyone and hello to anyone who comes along after.