Good Tuesday morning, friends

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    A very good morning friends & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    I know it's a tad early for the GM thread however I've been up & about most of the night because of kt (see poison control thread). I'm waiting for a glaze on my current painting to dry so I thought I'd hop on & see what's happening.

    Yesterday was a very busy day; physical therapy, in home nurse visit, Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) visit for kt along with PCA. kt is on spring break so the extra help is welcome as I'm not quite up to keeping up with kt & her antics yet.

    Today we have in home family therapy & that's it. I plan on napping & getting some Becky Homecky stuff done about here. As it's supposed to snow I thought baking might be in order. We'll see.

    Here's to a calm/peaceful day for you & yours.
  2. Kjs

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    good morning

    Linda - bake for me. I bought all the things to back desserts, but my work schedule this week isn't allowing any time for me to be home. I suspect if you are getting snow it is moving my way.

    Today is the first day of the new quarter for difficult child. The LAST quarter. 42 more school days. Eight days until spring break. Can you tell school just isn't a popular subject.
    I only get a few hours between shifts today. Back for a 16 hour shift early this evening. Guess I can't complain. I'Learning Disability (LD) rather work the extra hours than not work at all.

    Have a good day.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, I read your other thread on kt's medications. It's such an easy thing to happen - I've done it myself. Glad she's OK.Baking on a snowy day sounds like a lovely way to unwind.

    Kjs, you're into the home stretch with your school year. Hang in there. Can he use the spring break to look for employment/apprenticeship options?

    We had a busy but steady day today. difficult child 3 has two assessment tasks on the boil at the moment both due (in practical terms) by close of school tomorrow. He's got another for another subject which I think has a bit longer to go. All this on top of his regualr schoolwork.
    Then the phone rang - I was wanted at the local school for the lunchtime class I used to run (and thought I'd handed over). I went along to lend a hand to the TWO blokes who have replaced me. Fewer kids, they should be coping. I do think they're doing more (which is good - I was handicapped by lack of help and too many kids).

    The weather here has turned cooler, wetter and stormier. We've only had a few spots of rain here, with the occasional scud. But from the flood warnings going out, plus the storm/strong wind warnings, it wounds rought. We haven't had a look at the beach for a while and apparently, according to the news, it's spectacular. Six meter waves, one measured at nine metres, that's wild surf when usually it's 1-2 metres. Depending on the direction the waves are coming from, that can shut down our ferry "escape route".

    difficult child 3 did work well today, he's on track to have the work done in time if he works this well tomorrow. We left as soon as school hours finished to take him "outside" to the drama class plus the mall first, to exchange a purchased game that wasn't working. I had a lot planned today which got blown out of the water by the lunchtime interruption. I sometimes wonder where my days go - today I took notes and know very well where it all goes!

    I have some baking to do tomorrow, cooking up a storm of casseroles to tide us over the very busy end of the week.

    husband was home today, he had the chance to spend a lot of time pottering doing a lot of the odd jobs he's been trying to get to for some weeks. Although we were both busy, it was good to have the company, on those times when our paths intersected.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning Friends!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while, that pinched nerve had me avoiding everything that set off the pain and the computer was one of the culprits...... It's on the mend but I'm being careful......

    Linda, I will have to read that thread you reference. When is kt going to residential? Thought that was a done deal? Baking on a snowy day sounds in order!

    Kjs, how many hours does he have left in school??!! You definately have the right attitude about the job - there are so many who have been laid off or can't find work. The talk in my town is that there are so many older (I'm meaning 30 and up) folks looking for part time work (to supplement their full time job or their spouse's full time job) that the teens can't find summer work.

    Marg, sounds like another busy day for you guys. Is summer officially over? Sounds like you and Linda have a baking day ahead :hungry:.

    It's been wet around here but spring is definately here. The flowering cherry trees are in full bloom and the pear trees will follow shortly - a beautiful sight.

    Things are quiet and stable at our house. The kids and I are just trying to make it to the weekend. We leave for our cruise on Sunday and are really excited. The weather forecast is calling for mid to high 80's at our ports of call - can't wait to hit the white sand and the blue water :sunny:!!!

    Hope your Tuesday is a good one :peaceful:

  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Linda, I haven't read your other thread yet but Marg said kt is ok - There is NEVER a dull moment... Enjoy baking - Sorry about the snow though.

    kjs, I hope after your 16 hr shift is over, you get a chance to relax a bit... It's hard to believe the school year is almost over...

    Marg, It's nice that husband was home with you even if you both were busy... Making lots of casseroles in preparation of how busy you're going to be is a great idea. Hope your weather improves!!!

    Sharon (LDM), Sunday will be here before you know it!!!:beach: What ports are you going to? Cruising is so much fun!!! I'm glad the pinched nerve is healing - Take extra good care of yourself and don't worry about posting!!! We know you're thinking of us...

    Yesterday was just what I needed - It was so good to spend time with one of my oldest and closest friends... She lives in a much more populated area than I do and has access to lots more stores. She surprised me with a grocery bag full of interesting low sodium salsas, soups, spices, etc. She said she never realized how much sodium we actually eat every day until shopping for my husband. So, tonight's menu will included pork chops with a spicy peach salsa...

    I'm feeling a bit better physically than I have in awhile and am going to take a walk this morning before heading out to run a few errands. The sun is out!!! The rest of the week is going to be BUSY. I'm going to try to enjoy today...

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile ... WFEN :sunny::bunny_ears:
  6. Andy

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    Timer - I was very tempted at about that time to start the morning thread also but choose to go back to bed. I am glad you have help with KT and I will check out that thread in a few minutes. Baking sounds good - want to whip me up a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies?

    Kjs - I hope you find baking time soon. I also hope those school days go quickly and smoothly for you.

    Marg - Your schedule continues to brisk along. I am glad difficult child 3 continues to work well. Good for him. That in itself takes off so much stress of a busy schedule.

    Little Dude's Mom - Oh, this week is going to drag on and on and on for you guys. Sunday seems so far away.

    Wishing - I am glad you are having such a awesome week. It is truly refreashing to spend time with a close friend and fun to receive a surprise.

    No school today! Winter Storm (that should be classified as a blizzard with the winds as strong as they are) with no travel advised. March is leaving like an angry lion. Not a good two days for me to be off work. Maybe I can get in tomorrow?

    The storm may cause more problems with flooding in Fargo later this month - just in time to cancel difficult child's 1st psychiatrist appointment which is now rescheduled to April 16th? :sad-very: My anxiety is starting to grow along with his as each postponement is being harder to take.

    All the boys who bowled in difficult child's two lanes did great yesterday. It was so much fun to watch. difficult child's friend A was having difficulty although he was doing well. He gets upset if he doesn't get a strike. Once he has one strike than he is a happy camper. His mom was trying her best to encourage him. Once, he bowled a gutter ball and his mom had walked away to take a phone call so I talked to him. I said, "A, when you are up to bowl, close your eyes and concentrate. Block out all the distractions around you. Focus only on your lane and what you need to do. Open your eyes and bowl." He got a spare (which would have been a strike had it been his first ball). He quickly picked up after that and bowled a 155, his all time high (his average is 104) putting him in tie for the lead for scratch game score and knocking difficult child off the 3rd place. difficult child bowled a two game series of 280 which puts him in the lead in that category. difficult child may still be in the lead for highest average and best improved. A is watching difficult child closely and trying to copy him. We are trying to get him to understand that everyone needs to find their own style. It does not always work to copy someone else. When A relaxes and just bowls he does well. A and difficult child have been the top two bowlers in their afterschool session for much of the year. They go back and forth as to who is 1st and 2nd. They both lost ground two weeks ago and are working their way back. difficult child was one last week and A was 4th or 5th but he will be back on top real soon.

    We have one more Monday of bowling and then the Monday after Easter is the bowling party. difficult child has a 2:30 appointment in Fargo and we hope to be back by 3:40 for the awards party.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh.