Good Tuesday morning my friends,

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It's warm & muggy here already this morning. :coffee: HMJ is brewing & I'm looking at the calendar for today.

Mental health CM is picking me up to attend a staffing for wm; then I'm off to visit a rheumatologist. In between kt gets home & Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist arrival It's all very fine tuned.

Emjoy your day - keep it calm. :flower:


Good Tuesday morning!

Linda, good luck with your appointments today.

It's raining in New Hampshire, and our vacation is officially coming to a close. I'm starting the long drive back to Maryland this morning. The girls and I will be stopping at my brother's house in New York this afternoon and on to our house by tomorrow afternoon.

My dear college friend visited us from Portland, ME, yesterday. She confided that she's having some marital problems, which makes me very sad since she's such a lovely person. It also sounds as if she has a difficult child or two, but she is seeking appropriate help. In any event, it was wonderful to connect with her after all these years.

I probably won't have a chance to check in until I reach Marland. Until then, keep it cool. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning everyone!

Linda, I hope all goes well with your appts today :smile:

SW - Have a safe drive home, I am sorry to hear about your friend.

Not sure what today will bring for us. I am trying to get some stuff done in the backyard but we'll see if the kids are in for that, lol! difficult child got his hair cut yesterday and I swear he looks like a new kid. We met husband at the mall afterwards and he said that he wouldn't have recognized him there is that much of a difference. It is supposed to finally get hot here, so we'll be spending a lot of time outside hopefully!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Keep us updated on what the rheumatalogist has to say, I hope the other meetings go well. :kisses:
Smallworld- Have a safe trip! I'm assuming you're staying east of here, pm me if you are passing through Buffalo. :future:
Christine- Enjoy your warmth. I hope the kids cooperate! :hypnosis:
Sorry I was MIA yesterday morning, I ran out of time to stop & post. Duckie started another week of vacation bible school last night. This one runs M-F 5:30 until 8pm. She really enjoyed herself. :smile: We go to the park again today, she'll have fun. :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning,

Linda-We have that same warm and muggy weather. I just turned on the ac. Sounds like a busy day for you. Take it as easy as you can.

SW-Have a safe drive back! I'm glad you were able to reconnect with an old friend.

Christine-Isn't it amazing what a difference a new haircut can make? Enjoy your day!

It seems like it's already been a long day!! difficult child was up around 2-6. Of course, he's asleep now. I'm not sure what is up with him lately-he's been complaining of stomach pains and not sleeping much. He may be constipated but it could be something else or nothing at all.

easy child's boyfriend is here for the day. She has a physical this morning and I think he'll stay here with husband and difficult child. This afernoon I'm headed to lunch with some friends from work.

I hope everyone finds reasons to smile today! :flower:

TM-Sorry I missed you-enjoy the park!

Hi to anyone else who :censored2: in!
Good morning, everyone! difficult child and easy child had a good time at Science Camp yesterday and are looking forward to going back today. Work is being a bit stressful right now so glad that the cubs are occupied and happy. Maybe husband will fix that other faucet today! Hope everyone has a good day!

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Good morning all! difficult child is job hunting this morning - please keep a good thought. I'm calling the community college to find out about registration for her in the fall. She's decided to do a fine arts certificate program for starters. Yippee!

Our house is still leaking from H's construction - we've used every available peice of fabric in our home I think keeping things from POURING into our home. difficult child had to sleep in another room last night - her's was soaked. Ugh.

It is rainy looking today again, but I hear we're in for some sunshine later. Trying to keep some good sunny thoughts going!

Have a wonderful day all~


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G'day, everybody. It's late here, got to head for bed. Tomorrow is my house cleaning day, but life is getting complicated. Somewhere in the day, mother in law is having floor covering laid in her kitchen. And she's still in hospital, so I'm going to send difficult child 1, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & boyfriend down to mother in law's to house-sit and let the tradesmen in. Then the boys can move her fridge, freezer and table back in.

difficult child 3 is still complaining of abdominal pain and nausea, but sometimes he seems quite bouncy. I asked him how come he could bound in to kiss me goodnight, when he took ages and complained of feeling sick, when eating dinner (his favourite, chicken schnitzel). he just said, "Sometimes I get a bit of bounce back for a few minutes."

The doctor yesterday said he thought it was nausea from post-nasal drip. I don't think so, not with the pain he says he has. Taking the autism into account and the way he normally doesn't notice pain, I don't think this kid has post-nasal drip. I think it could be serious. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is thinking he could have appendicitis like she had, when the doctor tested her for rebound it was absent in her, too.
I'm going to mention this to the GP tomorrow and ask for an ultrasound to be done. It won't be easy - this doctor is a locum and they don't like going outside their little box, they're always terrified that the government will charge them for overservicing. He doesn't know me from Adam (or Eve) so has no reason to pay any attention to me (unlike my regular GP, who I have to book a month ahead, and drive 40 minutes to get to - my regular GP knew me when he was a student, he knows I'm no idiot when it comes to medical stuff).

Time to put my Warrior Mum armour on, with the steel-capped boots, and get kicking.

But first, another load of washing, then dinner to prepare for tomorrow night.



Morning everyone.

Up early ran many errands already. Waiting for difficult child to wake up.
Hopefully he will want to go to the mall. husband's birthday is Thursday. All he wants is Steeler/Penguins shirts. Hard to find this time of year!

Must run a few more errands.

Have a good day everyone.