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    A very good morning friends & fellow warrior mums! :warrior::good_morning:
    Autumn is certainly here.....the chill each morning along with the clouds. The afternoon warmth & sunshine. I've started going packing away all the summer clothes as they come out of the wash. kt is growing & needing new fall clothes earlier than I thought she would - was hoping to stretch it out until the big Christmas gift requests.

    kt's in home therapist is due in today; I've nothing on the schedule except a few chores & one errand. Once again I forget to fill one medication - just that one medication. It may be psychological. I hate the side effects of this medication.

    I think in reward for getting the medication filled I may head out to the art store. I love the art store. I may need some yarn as well - I'm thinking of knitting my dad a new winter scarf for Christmas this year.

    Need to make a pot of coffee - have a good day folks. Hope you find a reason to smile & your day is calm.
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I definitely think you should reward yourself at the art store.:painter:

    Fall is definitely in the air here as well:autumn: I love days like this where the temps are only suppose to be in the 50s.

    Today at work we have our maize and blue party with my class since my team won. The bet is now they all have to wear blue and yellow today. I'm bringing a Michigan shirt for any of my students who will wear one (yes between husband and I we have that many). We will also have a few blue and yellow treats.

    After work we actually have no appointments on the calendar. I hope I'm planning a visit to the health club.:exercisebike:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:fall:
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    :alien: Good Morning Linda, Sharon and all to follow!

    Linda, our cooler weather is promised by the end of the week - I can't wait. I didn't have time to address the issue yesterday, but I wanted you to know that I too can tell winter is coming by the bird activity. The robin population has grown immensley the last two weeks or so. We always have tons of cardinals, but there are more lately - it is our state bird after all! I hope you make the choice for the art store today - sounds fun! Hope you make some progress with kt's situation as well. My thoughts are with you guys.

    Sharon, sounds like a fun day for you today - and no appointments this afternoon to boot! What a treat!!!!!!! Enoy the day and the cool weather!

    I got started with pricing yesterday morning and didn't go to class yesterday. I'm going to hit the 9:30 class this morning and then go to the office.

    difficult child and I spent 1.5 hours researching a topic for his science fair project! He has always loved this but this year a big research paper and lab notebook are part of the project. He does have some iep accoms for big papers like this, but I'm going to let it go for the minute. I'm going to let him set the pace and see what happens. I plan on being at least week ahead of all the requirements (they begin this week and run until right before winter break in December) to give him plenty of extra time if needed. We'll see.....

    Have a great Tuesday all :peaceful:

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, the changing seasons should provide you with plenty of material for painting.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your party. Are you also eating corn as well?

    Sharon/LDM, have you got some good ideas for difficult child's science project? Keeping notes shouldn't be too difficult, if he just plans his work as he goes and minutes what he does. For the procedure, anyway, he doesn't need any more than this - to write what he's doing and what he hopes to observe. Typing it on the computer should make it easier.

    Talk about spring cleaning - Linda, you were organising kt's clothes and I was doing the same with difficult child 3. After buying him his suit yesterday from the budget place (and a pair of dress shoes for $20, and a belt for $12) all he needs now is a shirt and tie. husband has a tie for him, so difficult child 3 & I went to the op-shop this morning to look for a couple of nice dress shirts.

    We found a lovely chambray shirt which will look good with the black suit. Being chambray, it also feels good. Second-hand shirts are softer, too - better for Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) kids.

    Of course, going to op-shops can be disastrous. Someone delivered some bags of clothes from a young woman; judging by what was delivered, the woman has similar taste to me and is (was) slightly smaller. The ladies there didn't help - they kept holding up this or that and asking me if it was my size. I came home with a bag full! However, it gave me the excuse to go through my wardrobe on my return and begin to throw out the skirts, the shirts and other recent hand-me-downs which I've grown into and now grown out of, and which didn't really fit me well or suit me well anyway.

    Then I began putting things away, starting with difficult child 3's new shirts. Now, he shares a bedroom with difficult child 1 (only for the next six weeks, now). I put the new shirts in the wardrobe and began flicking through what was already there, pulling out anything likely to be too small. Then I found a shirt with an unusual V-neck - it was MINE! What is more, it was one I couldn't remember having seen for a very long time, I had even forgotten I owned it. Someone had put it away in the boys' wardrobe and OF COURSE my older son never thought to say, "This shirt isn't mine - whose is it?"
    difficult child 1 has also been wearing a shirt around which looks very much like the style BF2 wears, plus BF2 was claiming to be missing some shirts.

    So I grabbed all the small stuff plus my shirt and got them into my room to have a look. I needed to do a small load of washing but rather than run the machine for only a few clothes, I went into the boys' room again and dragged out what clothes I could reach within range of the doorway. The washing machine now had a large load which finally got hung out this afternoon. I ran it on a warm wash, with deodoriser and with stain removal tricks thrown in. So far, so good. In that load is BF2's missing shirt and also there are some shirts maybe too small for difficult child 3, brand new, which I had to cut the labels out of to wash. Something had dripped on them in the wardrobe (I have no idea what on earth it could have been). If difficult child 3 gets to wear them at all, it will be a miracle. He has a young friend who will happily accept them, though.

    Boys! Honestly! Infuriating!

    Mind you, in the shirts in my wardrobe that I removed, are a number of black shirts which I would never have bought for myself. I'm thinking they could also be BF2's... well, I guess they are now!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  5. dreamer

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    brrrr. LOL, 2 weeks ago we had the warmest weather we had for the whole summer season, I think....(temp wise it was a very mild smmer) I think maybe warmst since like MAY OR June? and last nite was in 40s. BUT I get so weirded out cuz of these darn hotflashes. Yeesh. shrug.
    I do not envy those of you who change over clothes for the season, tho. I never could tolerate "winter clothes" I have always felt too warm, no matter how cold it is outside, and I keep the house very cool year round. My kids also prefer to wear mostly he same thigns year rooud and if chilly, add a hoodie on top and or a tank underneath. and the only one here still doing any growing is my son.....
    the kids under guidance of easy child were going to go by train to city to museums today.....difficult child had pushed to go with, but late last nite musta got hit with anxiety or something, and then could not decide if she was still going. I think she opted to back out. easy child is not bothered by that becuz difficult child can be needy.....but then son was enticed by husband to stay up all nite, and easy child was quite upset about that......but it is a 2 hour train ride and son does this now and then.and he still wants to go. PCs boyfriend is going with.
    I saw my rheumy yesterday, my prednisone reduction was NOT going well at all, so he bumped it back up, but kept methotrexate and humira the same. and he decided he did not care I was on the fence re flu shot, he gave me one. LOL. I think he hates when my symptoms creep back more than I do. ALas we discussed possiblity of my daughters haveing hat I have, both have been beginning to show they may soon have to begin going to the rhuemy, too. They are showing more symptoms than I did much younger. I showed symptoms much younger than my mom...mine actually showed up before my moms. <sigh>
    Have a few errands to run, our cars have again been vandalized this week, 2 of them, I need to figure out just how I am gonna scape $$ to take care of it. Hafta call our garbage pick up service, their collection man threw our recycles all over the front yard yesterday, and now I have a full bin of recycles picked up from front yard in the rain last nite. Several times over the summer I had to call them and demand they come back for similar. Grrr. a few other errands on agenda.....and end of month paperwork, which I detest. I hate paperwork, I get stiff and bored and just hate it. I usually do mix in laundry to keep me from getting too stiff or bored, but by mixing in more physical activities, it does make the paperwork take so long.

    We commented that I was filling bird feedes daily but for approx a month, only once a week, I dont know what happened this year to our birds. Last autumn we had LOTS, but this autumn? very few. I miss them. My kitchen windows all face backyard and I get to watch them while working in kitchen. I think our kitties miss watching them too- they sit and stare and flip their tails. LOL

    Have a good day!
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    Good morning guys!!! :)

    Have a great day!!!