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Good Morning,

It's very early but I can't seem to sleep so thought I might as well start the gm thread.

We had a very wet cold day yesterday but it was ok for a change. Most of the day the temps hovered in the 50s but we did manage to hit 63. It is suppose to be nice today with- a high in the upper 60s.

This morning at work we are having a field day which should be fun for the kids. Hopefully the grass has had some time to dry.

After work I will head to the health club. I may have to do my workout alone as husband pulled a muscle in his back yesterday.

Wishing everyone a day filled with- pleasant surprises. :kisses:


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The field day sounds like fun, Sharon. I had a smaller class today than usual - as I was heading that direction I saw two entire grades being taken to the boat to go to the beach pool for their pre-summer swim classes. Two weeks of it... can you imagine chaperoning 60 kids on a boat, and then in the pool?

Some of my best players were therefore missing today. I hope you have good weather for today.

We've got fairly typical spring weather - occasional drops of rain but mostly getting warmer. it's going to be hot be the end of the week, they tell us. And the busy week I thought I had coming up - it's NEXT week. So if difficult child 3 works well, we might get to move to the beach on those hot days coming up... here's hoping.

Enjoy your Tuesday.



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:coffee: Good Morning Sharon, Marg and all to follow!

Sharon, PLEASE send some of those 50's and 60's here. It is still hot and muggy (although they say relief is on the way tonight). That is great that you are having field day at the beginning of the year! Everyone waits until the end around here. Great fresh air and excercise for the kids :dance:

Marg, God love those teachers and chaperones with all those children near water! The local YMCA has a program for 2nd graders called "Safe Swim" When difficult child was in 2nd grade, 80 kids and four teachers would take the bus to the Y for swimming (once a week for six weeks). I always wondered how they handled all those children! Have a great day :smile:.

Well, I was in the midst of laundry all over and my dining room torn apart yesterday afternoon when my mom called. My cousin had passed away in West Virginia and she wanted to know if she could begin the journey there by staying at my house last night :surprise: So I hustled up and got her "suite" ready. She didn't get here until 8:30. But I sure did get to bed late.

Today's schedule includes work and convincing the bonehead to replace the inside part of the upstairs a/c system. I have had four service calls this summer, the fourth being Friday. The condensing unit for upstairs was replaced last summer. But the inside part (the coil, air handler, etc.) is 20 years old. The folks before us put it in. I am a little frustrated because I told him in June it needed done. The guy on Friday said he was hoping he could get me through the rest of the warm weather, but when the kids and I went up for bed on Sunday, it was 86 degrees up there!

Thank goodness I have a supply of oscillating fans and also have duel-zone and have a/c downstairs! So I'm calling the folks this morning and scheduling the work for ASAP. I'm going to have them bill us at the office. I'm sick of this being put off time and time again. I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and guiding him towards bonehead :smile:

Hope your day is free of conflict!!!


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, have fun on the field trip.

Marg, keeping fingers crossed - hope you get out to the beach.

Sharon, hope the a/c situation is cleared up quickly. I think our warm weather is done for the time being.

I slept 5 hours straight!!!! In fact, I slept through getting kt up & on the bus. :slap: I'm trying to balance out all of the medications I need to take; the brain fog & such.

Today will include a trip to school once my brain wakes up & I am able to drive safely. kt's inhome therapist is coming today & my in home nurse will be out to check on my progress.

Have a good Tuesday.

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Wow, Sharon, Field day isn't usually until Springtime around here - that sounds like fun. I hope H's shoulder feels better.

Marg, I hope you make it to the beach and have fun~enjoy the weather.

Sharon, my mom is staying with me for 3 weeks (during the mess with difficult child leaving, etc.) so it's been a little overwhelming to say the least. At least mom is behaving. I sure hope things cool off for you soon. When we were in VA I just about passed out from the heat and I love heat!

Linda, I'm glad you were able to get a few hours solid sleep, how wonderful! Have fun at school.

difficult child was supposed to come home to sleep last night because she "missed her puppy and wanted to spend today with her gramma" but she never showed. If I didn't knock off in time, I would have at least locked our doors last night!

I feel like my legs are filled with sand; I can't move and I am miserable. I cry spontaneously throughout the day and night and even though I know this is the right move with difficult child (moving to her dads in NY), it's still killing me. To me, being with exh's family is only a step up from being with the bums she's with now. But at least I know they love her and she will eat and have a bed to sleep in. Anyway, better get about my day~

I hope everyone has a blessed day today.
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Sharon, I hope the grass is dry and the kids enjoy field day. I hope your husband is feeling better soon. Tonight I hope you get lots of zzz's!!!

Marg, I've got my fingers crossed that it is nice enough for you and difficult child 3 to spend some time on the beach!!! I wish I could join you!!!

Sharon, It always seems like when it rains it pours... I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope Bonehead gets it through his thick skull and agrees to replace the broken parts of the AC system without driving you batty first!!!

Linda, It sounds like you really needed that 5 hours of sleep!!! Remember to take it easy... You still need lots of rest!!! I hope things go well with kt's psychiatrist appointment. and the visit with your nurse!!!

Today I have a meeting with a wonderful person I met through networking. She is going to take notes for husband and I at difficult child 2's IEP meeting tomorrow. As I wrote yesterday morning, I'm more nervous than usual. I think it has to do with the whole transition process... Time really does fly!!! I can't believe we have come as far as we have with difficult child 2!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in.

As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today. :flower: WFEN


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Have fun at the field day! :dance:
Marg- Fingers crossed that you get to the beach later this week. :beach:
LDM- I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's death. :angel:
Linda- Friends don't let friends drive with brain fog. :crazy:
I'm still under the weather but I simply must get to the grocery store today. The cupboard is bare. Duckie has lost her cheer privileges for tonight because she fooled around rather than went to sleep last night. She was up until 9:30. This does not bode well for today. :hammer: Gotta run, I have a hairball to clean up. :rolleyes:
Have a great day. hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute: