Good Wednesday Morning!


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:coffee: Good Middle of the Week Morning Everyone!

Late morning here for me - kinda heated PTA board meeting last night at difficult child's school that went a little late. Put my whole night on a late path.

easy child is still sleeping and I've not had my shower or my second cup of coffee!!!!!!

Some errands this morning before Mom :nonono: arrives. difficult child and a number of his classmates are going on a field trip with the principal to their new middle school. On the way back, principal will take the kids to CeCes pizza for lunch. difficult child is both excited and nervous.

Wishing everyone a great day.



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Sharon, you haven't stopped drinking coffee since I logged on. You should be wired for the day ahead!

I'm having a family holiday here for the first time and being a less than stellar housekeeper I've been doing about 3 years of painting and spring cleaning these past two weeks. Upstairs bath today, basement tomorrow and then I'm stashing whatever isn't done and starting the food.

It's amazing how shabby your home furnishings look when surrounded by a fresh paint job! Too bad I don't have any money left for new furniture too.

Have a good day, everyone, and Sharon you might take it easy on that beverage. I know caffeine is a legal drug and all...


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Sharon, I hope all goes well for your mother's visit. Sounds like exciting stuff for difficult child, visiting the Middle School.

SRL, don't exhaust yourself with the cleaning. And don't worry about the furniture - get some old shawls, scarves or some throws and they'll brighten up the place. Put a pink globe in the lamp and leave the main lights off and you'll be fine.

I've had a slightly less busy day, but still more driving around than I'd expected. difficult child 3 has had a slow week, school-wise, tomorrow is his last day of term so I want him to finish any outstanding work, plus I'm going to make him do more work over the next few days to catch up a bit more. I figure if I can get him to do two hours' work every second day, he should have caught up over the next two weeks. Here's hoping!

easy child & BF1 are staying overnight tomorrow on their way through to his family in Newcastle. We'll see them for another sleepover on Sunday night - not much but I take what I can get.

difficult child 1 didn't go to the funeral today (his girlfriend's aunt, killed a week ago in a boat/ferry collision under Sydney Harbour Bridge). She had asked him not to go, she was also worried about media coverage. There were some press there but they didn't seem to be pestering the family, thank goodness. It is unusual to have him home on a Wednesday night - we might even have him home for Easter! I expect they'll be organising themselves tomorrow. Sometimes I feel we're little more than a convenient boarding house, what with easy child & BF1 using us as a staging post heading north and difficult child 1 & girlfriend staying here when she wants time in the bush and beach...

easy child 2/difficult child 2 has finally gone back to her evening classes this week, she's due home any minute now.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.

Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, I hope your mother's arrival goes smoothly!!! I've got all my body parts crossed!!! I hope difficult child enjoys the tour of the middle school and lunch with the principal!

SRL, Thanks for the helpful tip - I definitely won't be repainting the interior of my house any time soon!!! My favorite sanity saver, when she was just a puppy, turned my family room sofa and living room end tables into works of original art. My difficult child cat has worked on the places that my favorite sanity saver missed. And, of course, the kids have added their own special touches as well... I hope your family holiday goes well!!!

Yesterday was a BUSY day for me!!! Lots of work, chauffering (SP?)kids back and forth, a meeting, errands, and to top off the whole wonderful day, an evening call from difficult child 1's computer teacher informing us that difficult child 1 is in danger of failing this semester unless he turns in the rest of his projects. He only did four out of the ten required. :grrr:!!!

Anyway, today is a new day and I'm looking forward to one more cup of :coffee:, and doing a bit of spring shopping - I finished cleaning my closet so I'm going to celebrate by buying some new make-up and a new outfit. Then it's off to pick up difficult child 1 at school, and easy child later on after she is finished with her after school activities.

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone has a "melt-down" free day!!! :flower: WFEN

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Good Morning,

Sharon-Sounds like a fun day for difficult child getting to see his new middle school and having pizza. It's neat the principal is taking them-that is something that would happen only rarely here. I hope you get in a bit of rest before the visit!

SRL-It sounds like you have been very busy! You're right about how great fresh paint can make things look!

Not much on our agenda today. I'm hoping to get in a workout this morning and difficult child goes to respite this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!Of course, that means I get a nap-we really need a napping icon! Tonight husband and I are going out for dinner with some friends-should be a nice night.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

LDM, I hope you can relax & enjoy your mom's visit.

SRL, you have far more energy for your holiday dinner. I'd be more likely to put people up at a hotel & dinner out. I remember those days of activity before family celebrations - hope you can find time to relax & enjoy.

Marg, I'm more likely to go your route. New slipcovers, throws & lampshades. I'm glad that you're week has settled a bit.

kt is sound asleep, the coffee is brewing & I'm just enjoying the quiet this morning. We had a dusting of snow yesterday/last night - enough to make things messy. However, it's 18 degrees this morning. I worry for my budding plants & such.

Busy work around the house today, with a therapist appointment for myself mid day. kt & I are heading out to see my father tomorrow morning.

"Hi" if you snuck in - seem to be typing slooooowly this morning.

Have a calm day - I plan on it. Laugh at the absurd & hug your loved ones today.


I really enjoy the morning greetings. All seem so busy. I am just waiting for the next 5 hours to go by so I will be done with work for the next 4 days.

tip I learned on painting..My neighbor is a professional painter, you know with all the sprayers and fancy toys. anyway he said if you have an idea on what color you want, not an exact color if you go to a quality paint store they often have "miss tints" and you can get a five gallon bucket for like $5.00.

difficult child has been sick, strept / sinus. Missed the first two days of the 4th quarter, so hopefully he will be fever free and going to school today. Hate to see him start off the quarter behind. When he gets a lot of work loaded on him he gets overwhelmed and just shuts down. hopefully they will bring it on slowly. Hopefully it will be a phone call free day from school. Been a rough couple weeks.

Where in midwest did you get snow? I am near Illinois border in Wisconsin, and they are predicting a few flurries. Really don't want it to stick around.



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This has been a huge amount of work for me but it was much needed. My house has eroded into utter shabbiness inside between the young children years, my husband's and my disfunction when discussing any interior decorating or maintenaince project, and my own ADDlike habits when it comes to housecleaning (wander near the sofa and spot a good book anyone?)

This is my husband's extended family coming and one of my friends said he'd be more cooperative about the projects and she was right. Hardly put up a fuss at all. Mind you, this isn't about tools or skills--it's about us dissolving into disagreement with the first words out of the mouth. My lack of keeping a stellar house probably isn't inspirational to him either.

There's more to entertaining than a clean house but I needed to do this for us. And the kids are so much more excited about getting to participate in the process instead of packing up our potluck contribution and leaving behind the usual mess.

M, I'll be out searching for a sofa cover of some kind today and I did what desperate women everywhere do with my old rocker: sent the cloth covers home to mom the seamstress with a cry for help. :smile:

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I'm in MN - I'm heading your way this coming weekend. I'm hoping the snow doesn't follow me down as I head out to visit my family over the weekend.

I'd hoped to get in a round of golf this coming weekend - NOT!