Good Wednesday morning.....

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I know that technically it's morning but at 3:10 in the morning I really belong sleeping. Something that just isn't going to happen anymore tonight. :slap:

Thankfully my day is light - need to get a few groceries in the house, personal therapist appointment this morning & a PCA coming in to interview this afternoon. I expect I'll be able to catch a nap today.

Since I'm up so early I'm going to get some laundry going & put together a batch of cookies to bake later on.

Have a good day all - keep it calm. Hug your loved ones & find a reason to smile. :flower:


Good morning all,

Linda - Sorry sleep was evading you. Seems to be a few of us in the same boat tonight. Glad your day is light. Try to sneak in a nap.

I'm pretty sure difficult child has a sinus infection. I'm on a combo of steroids and benadryl and can hardly walk (being the medications lightweight that I am), let alone drive, so I'm going to get a friend to drive us to the pediatrician's office.

Our bunny isn't acting right, so a visit to the vet may be part of the day. She's caged at night when we're in bed and in the morning, but free-roaming the rest of the day. She hasn't come out from behind the end-table all day or night...not even for carrots, her favorite. The hardest part will be catching her. She's usually less than thrilled about it.

Other than, just going to try to relax and not take off all of my skin from scratching...although I'm pretty sure it would feel better if I did. Would probably look funny, but the welts or hives or whatever they are, aren't exactly attractive anyway. :frown: I really shouldn't complain. Things could have been so much worse with the amount of blockages I had and I feel guilty for complaining. But this stuff has been going on for over a month now and I'm just soooo ready to be back to normal. And back to work and getting a paycheck wouldn't hurt any either.

I hope everyone has a great day. :flower:


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Good morning all

Linda - sorry your not sleeping, i hope you manage to sneak in a nap later

Heather - sorry to read your not well, hopefully something will work soon. Hope difficult child's sinus infection clears up soon and that bunny isn't too poorly.

A quiet day today. I need to ring the the school later to let tem know the terms of difficult child's contract from youth offending team. He is to attend sessions covering conflict resolution, anger management, victim awareness and substance misuse.. i pray he keeps the sessions us, after all it IS only for 6 months and he needs to learn he cant abuse people for ever.

The weather is still chilly and overcast here, the papers say we will be getting snow at the weekend!! snow in April?? i ask you... i have never heard such a thing! Well not here anyway .

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Morning folks,had a meeting today after my son being suspended yesterday,what a day ill tell you but one good thing a LOT of people saw how bad he can be even the mums i meet once a week for suport i was so embaresed and now reliese how much of a handfull he can be,how stressed i was and my anxity was bad,its realy peeves me off we have told them how things are over the years and unless they see themselfves they dont believe you im meaning eduaction folks
Today the head and deptuy and ma suport bloke came and hubby was here i was so please as he is the stongest and put his point straight to them,we were given a condition and my son that he could return to school unless he did as he was told by teachers,to this we didnt agree and wernt gonna sign the form ,we told them enough is enough this has gone on for yrs and we want it to go higher even if it means in front of a childrens pannel this has gone on way to long and is not fair on my son and the family as it has cause so much stress , my son has to relise the consequesnses for his actions as well ,we know for a fact he would not be able to do as told,he could for a while but we know it be a matter of time before he kicks off due to his ODD condition and he would defy,swear,rude bang his head or do other things you dont want to know lol,so he aint going to school untill a meeting is aranged to decide what help he should get,Hubby said it is about time they had someone who can deal with his behaviour instead of putting him home wich he knows and manipulates and getting me stressed, i mentioned about his teacher who laughed 2 times on seperate occasions on the phone that he was misbehaving and i said this was out of line and she shouldnt have done this as he would use this wich he did so he was going to look into it, then they have to find someone who can as by law he has to get educated,I have aplied for learning suport so they must do this as he has a mental condition and bahaviour problems amongs other things this was refused at last meeting by school pscoligist and this will help us to decide with his education instead of them making the decisions
I was realy happy hubby was here today and made his stand if i was on ma own i would have just signed it not so strong and things would still be happening like before
I realy needed to write this down today

Have a great day all



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:smile: Good Wednesday Morning!!!!!

Linda, sorry that you weren't sleeping last night. I'm usually an early riser, but I can't imagine being up doing laundry at 3 am! Hope you catch that nap :bath:.

Heather, you have been itchy for a long time. I think I would have crawled out of my skin by now :faint:. Hope the bunny is ok.

Lisa, we had snow last Saturday and it was freaky. We didn't have snow all winter and the day before easter we awoke to a snow storm! Although I hate to say we are supposed to be up in the 80's by Saturday :cool:

The :nonono: Visit ends today. Mom should be heading back north as she has a doctor appointment. to keep tomorrow. We actually had a hugely relaxing day yesterday. We were going to go out to lunch but ended up staying here. We talking, watched an old movie, mom did her nails, she took a nap in the afternoon, and generally we just hung out. This is unusual for my mom because she always wants to be shopping!!!!! It was nice.

Alls well here with the kids other than a mild cold we are all suffering from. It's only Wednesday morning but I'm already looking forward to the weekend!

Wishing everyone a great day :angel:



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Good morning.
Linda- Hopefully your day stays light and the nap happens.
Heather- I really am concerned about all your itching. What does your doctor say you should do if it worsens? I hope difficult child & bunny are feeling better soon.
Lisa- I hope difficult child sticks with the program, too.
Lass- I'm glad your husband was there to help you push for your difficult child's best interests at school.
Sharon- I'm glad the visit went well, it sounds like you really enjoyed it.
I have cleaning during the day and Duckie has Daisy Scouts tonight.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

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Morning guys! I'm laying in bed with my huge brace on from surgery. boy this thing hurts. I usually have a high pain tolerance but geesh...



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G'day, everyone. My, we are a messed up but busy lot today... I'm no exception.

Linda, you keep missing your sleep. Not good. And baking cookies makes it even harder to get a nap - you take tiime to mix t he dough and you STILL can't nap while they are baking, in case all your hard work goes up in smoke... then they're baked and you invite someone round to share them, and there goes the rest of the day!

Heather, you and difficult child sound like you need to coddleeach other. And bunny - if you peel the carrot and offer fresh peel, or squeeze some orange peel near him, he might ventuer out. They have a lousy sense of smell, I used to find. But my pet rabbit accidentqlly bit me once after I'd peeled an orange and had the smell all over my hands.

Lisa, I hope difficult child sticks to the schedule. Will he take it on board?

Lass, your husband sounds like a very useful bloke to have around. I think you did the right thing - by insisting on putting something in place properly, you push the urgency up by making his attendance contingent on this. Do make sure you have schoolwork for him to do while he's at home - I found that setting up "school work during school hours" as a rule was the most important thing, when difficult child 3 began to miss school attendance. We allowed educational computer games as "schoolwork", especially if he had got his bookwork completed. I also would ask the school for any bookwork or worksheets, so they knew I wasn't just giving him a holiday. I found he worked much better at home, too.

Sharon, I'm glad you and your mother have had some good times this visit. it is so important.

TM, don't overdo the cleaning. What are Daisy Scouts?

Steph, I'm sorry you're in pain. It's always worst the day or two after surgery. I hope you get the pain under control soon.

I cooked up another batch of borlotti beans yesterday, I cam much closer to getting it right. It tasted fabulous, with all that garlic and tomato... and today I've been as sick as a dog. I thought maybe I hadn't de-toxed the beans enough, but everyone else who ate some are fine, so I think I have to accept, I've got to go easy on garlic. Trouble is, whenever I have an upset GI tract, my medications don't get absorbed. Then I get side effects from lack of medications - more GI upset. And pain through the roof.
I had to go out for a bone scan today. A three hour gap between getting the isotope injection and getting scanned. So I went shopping, got a lot of fiddly stuff done, managed a half hour catnap in the car, met difficult child 1 and did the grocery shopping. Still feeling lousy, but slowly improving. I see the doctor about medications in the morning, as well as scan results.
Got my passport photo done (again) today - it's probably still not right, the rules are so strict... and, of course, it looks awful. If I can, I might see if we can compromise on the previous photo. Alternatively, keep playing with the camera at home until we can do better.
But we're running out of time.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. I woke up this morning to the threat of rain. It's grey and gloomy.
We had a birthday party dinner for foster daughter. She is 18. It was a loud and funny dinner. The kids all stayed the night. They just flop down in sleeping bags on the floor of the game room upstairs. It's pretty funny. Last I heard they were laughing and dying someone's hair. :smile: They are good group. easy child went to his own bed. LOL. No one starts school until noon due to testing of the juniors.
husband went for his annual physical. They do the whole thing all at once.(stress test,blood work etc)
difficult child came by for the birthday dinner. He seemed to need to tell me that if he came home I would charge him rent. He finds this outrageous. :rofl: Bless his little heart since I'm pretty sure he isn't moving back. I had our foster daughter give her insight to expectations once you gain some independence. I wish he could get it. He seems so confused at the average expectations. He is going to group via some government agency (which he dislikes) and he gets a social worker to help him with problem solving. Not sure that is helping but it's something.

I hope you are feeling better Steph.
It's another hectic day. </span>


Must be something going around...I have been sick also since Saturday. Today is my B-day, and planned to go out for dinner. Hope I feel better. Just a little tired now, but feel much better than previous days.

I don't get difficult child. He dislikes everyone. He said he won't be nice to people he doesn't like. (maybe if he was nice to them he would like them). We have this conversation every single morning on the way to school. He use to be so out going. But, kids are mean, as he is, so he just decided he doesn't like anyone. He left to ride his bike today, and returned a few minutes later saying how tired he was. He seems to quit everything he tries, even before he tries it. Was going to join the photography club at school, first meeting was yesterday. He decided against it. Do all the medications to that? will this go away or will he always be alone?