Good Wednesday Morning

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Good Morning All,

Our picnic turned out to be lots of fun yesterday although I did get doused by 3 water balloons-lol. I even got in my workout yesterday-I walked my dog 3 miles before work :smile:

It's going to be another very warm day. We finally broke down yesterday and turned on the AC. Just wish we had it at school. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

Today is easy child's 8th grade graduation. They have a ceremony in their gym at 11:30. Then the kids stay for lunch and a dance. I think she is really excited because when I woke up awhile ago she was already awake and watching tv. She said she just couldn't sleep. I think it's because she is excited. Tomorrow she goes to a waterpark all day (middle schools still get to go to waterparks). Then she is done-the rest of us go til Friday.

After school difficult child has a much needed haircut!

Enjoy you day-I hope it's a peaceful one. :dance:


Good Wednesday morning!

Sharon, congrats to easy child and to you. Hard to believe she'll be in high school in the fall.

A "graduates" from 6th grade today at 9:30 am. She's wearing a pretty floral skirt and strappy sandals. Like Sharon's easy child, she couldn't sleep much last night, but she took the opportunity to let me know a few times during the night. So this mama is tired this morning. After the ceremony, A is done with school. She and some friends are planning to go swimming this afternoon if the rain holds. M is done with 3rd grade tomorrow. Because she has a summer birthday, she's allowed to bring in cupcakes today for her classmates.

J has a dental consultation at Children's Hospital early this morning to see what sedation options we have for getting him into the dentist's chair for a cleaning. His anxiety kicked into high gear last night, and he couldn't get to sleep until after midnight. In spite of telling him this was a "talking" appointment only.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


Sharon and Smallworld - Awwww. Graduation. I would cry. Heck I cried yesterday when school ended just thinking he is an 8th grader now. Then shock set in thinking a year from now he will be on his way to High School! The kids must be so excited about the graduation. They deserve to. They earned it. Hope it is all they expect and more.

Nothing planned today. That could change now that school is out. Never know if difficult child will come up with something. Noon today is the end of my 11 day work stretch. So far my plan is R & R.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I'd be excited if I were easy child too! The picnic sounds great, I love water balloons! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
Smallworld- Sorry you were awakened during the night. I hope J's anxiety settles down quickly. :smile:
Kjs- I'm glad you'll get a day off now, eleven days is too long in my book! :hammer:I hope you have a peaceful day.
We have a field trip to a local library :reading: and playground today. It will be fun! Duckie finishes up for the summer a week from tomorrow. The kids in her school can barely contain themselves, lol! :wink:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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:dance: Good Wednesday Morning!!!!

Sharon and Small, good luck to your girls upon their graduations! Sharon, just three more days, just three more days, just three more days :hypnosis:

Kjs, wishing you the R&R you are looking for.

My difficult child has his "moving up" ceremony on Friday (his last day of school). I've seen some of the anxiety lessening with the approach of summer and he doesn't seem so fearful of leaving elementary and going into middle. We'll see.... He has has fifth grade picnic today, field day and ice cream truck tomorrow, and the ceremony on Friday. We are hopping.

easy child has one exam to day and one tomorow and then she's done as well.

We are all working towards Sunday when we leave for the beach for a week!

Wishing everyone a great day :smile:


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, sounds like a fun picnic. Congrats to easy child!

SW, congrats to A.

kjs, R&R sounds good. Sit in the yard with your feet in a kiddie pool reading a good book.

TM, library day sounds fun too - given he heat.

Sharon, your difficult child has made so much progress over the year...congrats to difficult child as well.

kt is up & out walking Sally already, which is good - it's to be a hot day. Her last day of school was yesterday & she rec'd a reward for her creativity & improvement in managing her anxiety. (Okay, this is day treatment) It was a sad ceremony - of all the 30 kids in that school setting only 2 parents (myself being one) showed up.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Find any reason to laugh.
Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, The picnic sounds like it was fun!!! My kids have a field day where a teacher volunteers to sit in a "dunk" tank. The kids can pay to try and knock the teacher off the chair and into a tub of water. This is always a big hit with the middle schoolers!!! Enjoy easy child's graduation!!!

Smallworld, A's outfit sounds pretty. Enjoy the ceremony!!! I hope everything goes well with J's dental consultation!!!

Kjs, I hope you get lots and lots of much needed R & R!!! You definitely need some "me" time!!! :bath: :reading:, etc...

TM, Enjoy the library field trip and play ground!!! Before you know it, Duckie will be "graduating" from elementary school!!! :wink: Off subject, but how's your new washer? I'm hoping I'll get a little longer from mine, but I'm not sure...

Sharon, With your BUSY schedule, I'm glad you're going on vacation Sunday!!! The beach sounds wonderful!!! Wish I could join you!!!

Linda, I'm glad kt is doing well today!!! :bravo: kt for the award!!! It's too bad that out of 30 kids, only 2 parents showed up... The poor kids - Actions speak louder than words!!!

easy child's class won their house competition. Her house has a movie this morning, a pizza party for lunch, and a dance. difficult child 2 is extremely jealous!!! I hope he manages to keep it together today!!! difficult child 1 is in danger of failing his computer class. He doesn't like the way the instructor is making them do things so he REFUSES to do the work. :grrr: Typical for difficult child 1!!! :grrr:

Today I have to work. After work, I'll pick up difficult child 1. A quiet night, I HOPE!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or smile today... :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:

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Sharon & smallworld - Congrats to the graduates! My difficult child is graduating on Saturday - I KNOW I will cry; heck, I cried yesterday when I dropped her off for the senior trip!

kjs - Rest & Relaxation sounds wonderful - enjoy!

TM - the library field trip sounds like fun. I love end of school days because there are so many fun things planned. Maybe they should spread them out over the year.

Sharon - after this busy week, enjoy the beach! and congrats on the "moving up" ceremony!

Linda - Congrats to kt on her award for keeping her anxiety under control, that's wonderful. It's too bad about the lack of parental support.

WFEN - How wonderful for easy child! I hope difficult child 1 passes that class; I know it's like sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to know. Ugh. Here's to a quiet night~

difficult child left for her Senior trip yesterday to the Jersey shoreline with 14 of her co-seniors and a couple of chaperones. I hope she has a blast, but doesn't get into trouble. I especially hope she remembers to take her medications because after 4 days without, she will be in meltdown mode come graduation day.

easy child is coming home from college on Friday before starting her extern in VA. I'm very excited for her! My mom is coming to stay for a few days and I have so much to do in the next couple of days!

Have a great day everyone~


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I just got back from school. My kids (lol!) were working on Father's Day cards when I left. The field trip was fun, even if the playground was a bit too hot for my taste. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif They did great at the library, then went outside to read a book with their teacher under the shade of a tree. That was fine except I was charged by a mouse. It came right at me!!! :surprise: I was startled to say the least. :wink:

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I am laughing hysterically about being charged by the mouse-of course-if it were me I would have been screaming hysterically! :rofl:


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Luckily, I'm not afraid of mice. I did, however, let out quite a howl before I realized what was coming at me. :smile: