granddaughter went home

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Teriobe, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Teriobe

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    That was a fun month. Im mad and sad my son wasnt here to share in her visit. Drugs and stealing and prison were more important. Makes me mad cause i didnt raise him to be so ..........
    Anyway, now to get a job myself.
  2. Littleboylost

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    How we raise them and what they choose to do are two different things. My son says he does drugs because he felt he was never good enough....or what ever excuse comes out of his mouth, wasn't loved enough, we didn't care enough. Well I can tell you he was loved and provided for and we never put pressure on him to be or do anything he didn't want to do.

    I am lying in bed trying to come up with an excuse not to go to a cocktail party tonight. Having to listen to all the other parents gushing about their kids next ventures in College and University. Mine hast even managed to get his high school diploma.

    I feel angry, sad and mad all balled into one. One day at a time today was a good day st work and it was a quiet day as D.C. Stayed with Friends and hasn't come home yet.
  3. Teriobe

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    Im sad cause i found out her mom pawns stuff, even my granddaughters stuff. So that nice tv we got her 2 xmas ago was pawned. With other stuff we got her. I dont think her mom stepdad can handle money, and i dont think he makes enough, mom dont work, cant hold a job more than 4 months gets fired. So now i get to worry about my granddaughter.
  4. SomewhereOutThere

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    There is no point in worrying about what you cant control. It wont help. Granddaughter has a roof and food. Shes not rich? Big deal.

    Dont waste your time with worry when you have no control.