Grandson's 1st birthday party


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went well. I was so proud of pcson's behavior. He was an excellent host. He cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for a crowd of twenty.

Dingbat daughter in law was not very polite---but she was tolerable---and I guess if I was carrying another man's baby and had to be around my husband's family, I would probably polite be really nervous. Her mom and brother and sister were there.

My family was fantastic. My two sisters and a niece and her friend were there. PCdaughter and difficult child both came. difficult child drove my gfgmom up there and was totally appropriate the whole time. husband's sister and both her daughters were there with their children. My foster daugther and son-in-law and their two girls came. And my best friend brought her daughter in-law and grandson. So...pcson and I had a lot of support.

I wanted digbat's mom to see the kind of family support pcson would have if he becomes a single father. She commented that it was so nice to see family around because where they live they have no family available. JJ had seven cousins there between the ages of 1 and 5---

The swingset was a big hit. The kids all played together on it. difficult child took turns pushing all of the little ones in the swing and helping them down the slide.

All in all it was a good day.


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Glad to hear it went well....amazing the things a family can do when they pull together and put the kids feelings first.....hope a few more birthdays can go as well......


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You're proud of pcson and I'm proud of you. I know how stressed you were about the party. Good for everybody!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Yay! I know how worried you were. How wonderful that it went well. Big ups to you and easy child son. Hopefully, DIngbat and her family took something positive away from that experience.

Most of all, how nice for JJ.


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I am glad it went well. It is nice when people can set aside their differences or issues, for the sake of the kids. I believe this is as it should be.


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So glad it went so well. :bravo:

Yeah, I'm sure she was nervous. Glad to know she saw how supportive your family unit is.

by the way, Happy 1st to your Grandson! I love 1st birthday parties - so much to look forward to - the cake in the hair, etc! :wink:


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:smile: Here is to your family fo setting such a good example.
I too believe that this is how things should be. Your Grandson is lucky to have you. -RM