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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Terryforvols, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I have not posted here in awhile, but come often to keep up with what is going on, especially Mikey in Teens.

    ANYWAY, this Wednesday, March 26, husband and I will be first time grandparents!! Our difficult child, who struggled for many years and then finally succeeded in 2005 after 8 months of long-term rehab, is giving birth to a baby girl, Isabelle Renee. She has come SO far, is back in college, has goals for herself, etc. We had times that we thought she wouldn't live, or would be in jail long term. From age 16-21, it was pure h***, and she had a 1-2 month relapse in 2006 after rehab (she had to have surgery and got re-hooked on pain pills) but spent one night in jail and that finished what rehab had started. She has now been clean for 2+ years. Ironically, 5 days after this baby is born will be the 3-year anniversary of us taking her to her long-term rehab; I could never have dreamed of this situation on that day. She is the young woman we knew was buried deep inside, and is now strong and ready to be a mom. Now, I could start a new thread about her husband, but I'm too happy right now.

    I hope this gives hope to people who are suffering and struggling. This board still helps me and helps me realize how truly lucky we are and how hard SHE worked. We took her there at age 20 as a last resort; she didn't want to go, but we offered to pay her bills and take care of her life in that way if she would take care of her life and get well. She thought she would "play the system", do what we asked for 3 months, then go about her merry way. But...the light went on there and she realized how far she had dropped and decided she didn't want to live that way any longer. When we left her there, for the first time in 4 years, I could actually sleep at night knowing she was OK. She came out a new person, not perfect, but more of the daughter we once had. Over the years, she has matured and made positive decisions for herself. Sadly, about 5 people she was with at the ranch have passed away from drug OD. If you can take the advice given here that is SO on target, it won't make everything OK, but it will help you hang on for that next minute or hour or day. Sometimes, just knowing there were others out there who KNEW, really KNEW, what I was going through was a blessing.

    My only sadness is that this grandchild will be in TX, we're in TN!! I'm spending 3+ weeks with her and just can't wait to hold this precious, precious life. I also know with all I have that once she sees and holds that child, she will FINALLY realize the love we had for her.

    I just wanted to share this with you all.
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    Great news and gives hope to those with difficult children for seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel..... Enjoy that new grandbaby and thanks for posting.....
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    Thank you for your gives me some hope for Miss KT.

    Congratulations, Grandma! Have a wonderful, wonderful visit with Isabella Renee!
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    What a wonderful update on your difficult child! :woohoo: I can just imagine the relief and joy of seeing your daughter grow into the person you hoped she would. Give the newest addition a hug from the board aunties.

    Don't be a stranger. Good news is important and I sure hope you are interested in more than one member's struggle. We miss you when we don't see you.
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    Terry, thanks for your wonderful words of hope. We all need to remember that there's success and happiness out there, not just disappointment, fear, and pain. Thanks for reminding us of that. I sincerely hope that this is a permanent, positive step in your daughter's life, and I pray for her continued success.

    And, even though you're a VOLS fan, this TIGER fan will also keep you in his prayers as well :laughing:. I pray that your life with your daughter and your new grandchild continues to improve, and that you have the strength, patience and wisdom to handle the occasional speedbumps that will probably pop up.


    MikeyForLSU (Geaux Tigers!) :fan:
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    Terry, what a wonderful post. I'm thrilled for you, your daughter and your new granddaughter to be.


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    What a great post! Welcome to the grandma club...its the best thing in the world. I never thought I wanted to be a grandma until they came
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    I read Kfld update post earlier, her son is doing well also, so this makes the second board success story I read this morning. :)

    Congratulations on your new grandchild. Yep, your right, when your daughter holds her baby, she will realize how much you love her, and all that you went through for her.

    I know you will have fun in Texas.
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    I love the name - very classic.

    Congratulations on so many things - be sure to remember this day and your blessings and post them against bad days and that boyfriend. lol

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    Terry...welcome back, and what a wonderful post. It gives all of us hope. Looking forward to you holding and cuddling that baby!!

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    Congratulations, Grandma!
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    I have just now had a chance to come on line. Have been very busy with Izzy, who was born at 9:24 pm 3/26/08, 6 lbs 5 oz., 19 1/2 inches She had to spend a few days in NICU due to small holes in her lungs that spontaneously healed. She came home 3/31/08 and has really thrived!! At her two week check this week, she weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 3/4 inches! She doesn't miss a meal!! Her mom (difficult child) is a great mother, and we watched Oprah yeserday about the author and his son and the addiction to crystal meth. We both cried because she now knows the pain we felt watching her slowly kill herself. She can't imagine watching her baby go through what she did. difficult child has had to take some pain pills due to a very painful birth and episiotomy (difficult child is very petite and tiny and will never deliver a baby any bigger than this one without a C-section). I keep the pills and dole them out and she has done well. I probably will always worry about that, but as long as she has no control of the pills, she is able to control herself. Her MD will also not give her anymore, so everyone is aware.

    I can tell you, at age 50, I am VERY out of shape for 5:00 a.m. feedings, which I do during the week. I love it, but oh my gosh, God really knows what he is doing by giving you babies at a young age. I have one more full weekend and another work week before going back to TN. It is going to break my heart to leave this precious one. difficult children husband is very lacking in support (another thread and another LONG story), and I hate leaving difficult child. She is coming to TN in late April/early May to meet our side of the family, and will look totally different, then difficult child restarts school the end of May. IF the marriage survives and she doesn't come back to TN, we will probably move to TX in a year or so. husband is SOOOO in love with Izzy, more than he thought. He was only able to stay a week and calls us several times a day for updates and pics. I could have spent hours watching him hold her and feed her, it was so awesome.

    Better go, someone is crying. It may be another while before I log on, but for her "board aunties", thank you for caring and much love from TX!!
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    Congrats on the new grandbaby!! And what a wonderful update on difficult child!!

  14. Big Bad Kitty

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    Congratulations, Terry!