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    Well, summer has been so busy with us, so this update is late. I finished summer session with an A and an A-. I only needed to take two classes, but those classes kicked my butt! I don't know the GPA yet because they wont update until summer session ends completely and that is not until August 15th.

    Beaner and I are doing great. He is still going to counseling and is still taking his medications. We have been at my friend's house during the week, so we are not home much. Surprisingly he has been amazingly well.

    I am sorry that I have not been posting, but between school and Beaner, we have been busy. I think about you guys alot and I am glad that you guys are here in case I need you! I edited my settings so that it will send me an email to let me know if I have a private message. With plans to be gone most of the summer, I will not be able to check in regularly.
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    I'm glad that the summer is going well for you! Sorry to see you have a spy :(
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    Glad you sent the update. Hope things continue in the positive vein.

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    Thanks for the update!
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    I'm so glad both school and beaner are going so well. :D Wonderful update!! Was just thinking of you this weekend..........

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    Me too! Glad to hear things are going well and congrats on the grades!!!!!