Grrrr, government entities!

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Grrrr, government entities!!

easy child needs a replacement social security card, which now requires not only an ORIGINAL birth certificate but also her ORIGINAL license to prove her identity as well as her citizenship! Since easy child is away at college and does not have break until late June, and needs the SS card for her externship IN June, I am trying to do it all from here. Not only that, but the SallieMae people won't process her loan request until they have a copy of her SS card either so that's been on hold, unbeknownst to me, since October!! So, easy child is mailing me her drivers license and I will sign the forms and send them all in. Then I called the SSA office to find out if the documentation must truly be originals and in the process learned that it could take up to 6 weeks before we get back her documents (license and BC) and she gets her replacement card. Jeesh! In the meantime, we're all trying to get passports, so now I can't even send away for easy child's passport until we get her SS crap straightened out. Urgh~

Then, I received a letter from NYS child support offices instructing me that I have to choose between receiving my support payments through a NYS debit card which will be subject to a .90 withdrawal fee each time I use it, OR direct deposit. So, I send back all the forms and information I need to get the direct deposit and within ONE day I got all my paperwork back telling me that my name isn't correct! Well, ahem, I think I know my name and in fact, I have tried THREE times to have them correct my name in thier systems but they have not., today I had an affadavit signed and notarized attesting to my identity, name and signature and sent it along with the previously sent forms and information and a letter written by me requesting that they change my name in thier system AND create a direct deposit account. I will be AMAZED if they get it right this time. Not only is this a waste of my time, but I also have to let my bank in on my business, which I don't like to do.

Anyway, just a vent about all these bureaucratic government agencies and how crazy it makes me! :grrr:


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ugh. :hammer:

I lost my birth certificate and when I went to order a replacement I requested 5 originals just so I wouldn't have to do it again. I had to pay for them but the convenience they've provided by having more than one has sure been worth the extra cost.

Good luck, Jo.



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<span style="color: #660000">at one point jarrod misplaced his SS card. we got the same run around. we'd had to get him a duplicate once before & all i had to do was fill out the form providing the SS#. the last time (thankfully he found it) they wanted all the origonal forms. you can, however, go to the local SS office & provide all proof there. might be easier for her to do it from school.

the come up with-this junk just to make us crazy!

they have waaaay too much time on their hands.

kris </span>

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I think it's gotten more difficult to process this stuff with all the anti-terrorist laws in effect these days also.

She can't do anything from her school; it is so remote. She's about an hour outside of Albany, which is the perfect place for her to get all this stuff done, but she doesn't have wheels.

Anyway, just needed to vent! Thanks~


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They seem to make everything so difficult. I work for a Government branch, and it is difficult for us to get things done also. I just don't understand all of the paperwork, and how many people have to sign off on things.


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Jo...if you havent already started the whole SS card mess, send her the bc or have a BC sent to her online quickly. They can do it overnite for a price. Then she can have someone take her to the closest office and request a duplicate card there. Oddly Cory has had to request several copies and never been asked for his bc. Even recently. Jamie either but maybe his military papers worked.


Jo - are you sure you know who you are? I mean, the government agency would know better than you, right? :hypnosis:

That's so annoying. Someone makes a typo and you have to jump through hoops to correct it. They should have to go to storage and find the original papers themselves.

I'm going to have to get a replacement SS card for both kids. When I divorced difficult child's dad, all of my important papers mysteriously went missing. easy child is in a big hurry cause he wants to get his driving permit. After his recent antics, I'm not in such a big hurry.


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several years ago, you could "opt out" of having your SSN on your driver's license in this state. I did so.
Unbeknownst to me, you need to have your SS card with you when you then go to renew your driver's license, or when you go to sign your child up for HIS temps or license.
So, of course, each time I had to leave, go home, get my SS card, etc.
The woman at the license place asked why I didn't carry it with me. Duh.

by the way - since I remarried somewhat recently, I had to get a new SS card. The new ones no longer say "not to be used for identification purposes". Guess someone finally admitted it!!!!


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I keep hearing that you're NOT supposed to carry your SS card around with you - that you should keep it in a safe place at home. If your purse or wallet was lost or stolen, the less personal info you're carrying around, the better.

I had to get a copy of my SS card a year or so ago - it had been kind of "missing" since 1968! I just had to go in to the office and fill out the paperwork and show two picture ID's. I used my drivers license and my State Employee ID card that has a picture on it. I got the replacement card in the mail in a week or so.

It was a real adventure trying to get a copy of my sons birth certificate from Florida though! Supposedly you can do it online ... yeah, right! At first, they weren't going to let me get it since he's over 21 (but I'm the one with the computer!) I had to fax a color copy of both sides of my drivers license to them so they would believe I was his mother. Then, they couldn't find him! I had given them his full name, the exact date, even the name of the hospital. The county said they couldn't find him! And they asked really intelligent questions like ... was I sure of the name! Huh?? And was I sure I had the right date! Yeah lady, I'm his MOTHER! I'm pretty sure I was THERE when he was born! The county referred me to Vital Records for the State, and the State couldn't find him either! Never did find out what the problem was, but they eventually decided that maybe he HAD been born when I said he was, and that maybe I DID remember exactly what I had named him, and we finally got it in the mail!

:hammer: :rofl: :hammer: :rofl: :hammer: :rofl: :hammer:

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Janet! Thank you....I did a location search and there is one RIGHT in Poughkeepsie at Vassar, which is right near her! I am sending her the BC, the application and $10 for gas money and she can pay someone to take her there. Excellent. Whew - I feel so relieved. Thanks :bravo:


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When did you do that through Florida? I just sent off (and received) for another copy of difficult child's birth certificate from there and had no problems. (Amazingly in comparison to your story as I'm not even his birth mother! lol) I just had to send a letter stating who he was, DOB, county of birth (which fortunately I knew), full name, my full name, relationship to him and a copy of my drivers license. Sent that with a check to cover the cost and had the certificate within 2-3 weeks. I wish now though that I had gotten more than one copy but woulda/coulda/shoulda I suppose. Of course difficult child is still a minor so maybe that's why it was easier.


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This wasn't more than 18 months ago. The biggest problem was that they couldn't FIND him! They kept insisting that he wasn't born in that county, on that day! Yes, he was! I remember it well!



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Oh geesh........Yeah... I think you would have remembered! Of course, my difficult child was born down there before I had ever stepped foot in the state. Pretty clever of me huh! LOL

:wink: :rofl: