Grrrrrrrr Why can't they just do what I ask????


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A bit of a vent here. I had some art prints I bought while on vacation. I am almost finished with the work on the family room and these prints were ment to hang there. I took them out of their tubes to measuredfor frames which I ordered on Friday. The prints were rolled up from being in the tube I weighted them down to relax the curl so they would be flat when the frames arrived. I placed them in a little used bedroom so they would not be disturbed I asked husband to make sure he kept the door closed to so the kitten would not get at them. husband didn't and now the prints have been ruined. One is completely devalued and cannot be restored the other is bent up but can be fixed if I send it out to a professional. :grrr: I am spitting mad.

As if that wasn't enough, easy child/difficult child who lives with us has been repeatedely asked to let us know if he isn't comming home. He stayed out all night and didn't call. Then when he came home he didn't even say hello but went and took my laundry out of the washer and threw it in the dryer on high. He's been told many times not to touch my laundry and to come and get me if he needs the washer/dryer. I was only ten steps away working in the family room. He didn't come and ask me if it was OK to put my things in the dryer and now my favorite summer dress has shrunk and is too small for me. :hammer: I know these are little things but I am so on overload. It feels like I never get even the simplest little requests I ask for fulfilled. I am about to explode.

To top it off I got myself released from PT for my elbow last week only to be put back in for my foot. I start tomorrow. The doctor isn't optimistic and says I will probably need surgery for that also. I wanted my summer off from doctors and PT and renovations. I hoped that I would be able to grab a couple of days every other week to spend at the cottage. I hardly got out there at all last year with difficult child stuff and I really could use the R&R. :sad: Thanks for letting me vent. -RM


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I understand completely! Vent away.

I cannot stand it when we ask simple, little requests that should be easy to comply with and NO ONE can follow through. It irks me to no end. I become a screaming banshee.

I dont have the exact same laundry problem as you...mine is, that when the dryer is done, someone takes my stuff out and doesnt tell me and then I cant find my things! It ticks me off to no end because I am the only female in this house and one would think my clothes would not get lost! Oh heck no! I really want to know who is wearing my Just My Size Undies, Bras, Jeans and Tee shirts! All my clothes are in that same brand by the way. Its not like I wear mens


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This must be "the" day for family vents. The clothes from MY
dryer were put on top of the machine so that "somebody" could
quick dry some damp clothes. Good Grief! How can three guys with IQ's in excess of 50 think that wadding up damp clothes on
TOP of the blankin' dryer is acceptable??????????

Don't ask about the culprit who ate lunch in MY bed watching MY
television.......when every blankin' soul in this household has
their OWN bed AND their own the family room TV!

I wish I had become a Nun! DDD


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Today is definately the day for ODD males. No laundry stories (as of yet) but difficult child was laying in our chaise chair with his feet up on a dresserish/buffet thingy I have. Politely asked him to remove his feet.......and again.......and again....etc. Took a half hour of his wonderfull odd and my progressively getting more and more mad just because he couldn't move his feet 4 freaking inches. :grrr:


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Reading your vents makes me really appreciate some aspects of my life these days. Thanks for the reminder, ladies. Big hugs to you for your frustrations.



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Janet. I totally understand the missing clothes. My guys steal my sports socks and stretch them out so I cannot wear them. I am constantly buying more but never seem to have more than two pair at a time. UG!

DDD, easy child/difficult child takes my clothes out of the dryer and bunches them up on top of the machine so he can do his. I am constantly having to wet them and start over. The thing is it doesn't matter when I do my laundty. It seems that they are reminded by my actions that they need to do theirs. I have tried to put the family on a schedule but they won't follow it.

Mstang67chick, My guys broke a hand crafted butler tray type coffee table that was signed by the crafter. They just would not keep their big old feet off it. I stopped trying to even have nice things in the family room until a year ago. I still catch husband with his feet up. But I only have a second hand table with a stone top now. Not going to get anything that won't hold up to an elephant anymore. UG!

Suz, So now yu know why I "run away" to the cottage when I can. Just me and my dog and cat. We do fine. I can lock them up when they misbehave. Can't do that to the men even though it is justifiable. I even turn off my phone when at the beach if I really need a break LOL!

Thanks ladies you (AND a bar of Ghirardelli 72% Cacao Intense dark chocolate) made me feel a lot better. -RM


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Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I know exactly how you feel. I am so sorry.

Can you order new prints and put them on husband's credit card? (I'm nasty, aren't I?)
I always have to think and re-think situations like that... I suppose you could have covered them with-white butcher paper just in case. (The sad part is that the kitten didn't know any better.)

My husband used to do that with-the laundry. Now, he separates lights and darks, but he takes millions of loads out of the dryer and plops them on top of the previous load, so they pile up and wrinkle and you have to start all over again. He doesn't "get it."

Years ago, he was so bad about taking my wet stuff out and putting his stuff in (read: his gym clothes) and expecting me to do 99% of the laundry, that I completely emptied out the washer, dryer and clothes closet of all of his stuff, both washing and drycleaning, and dumped it in his car, filling the front and back seats. I waited for him to explode in the a.m. but never heard a word. I waited for him to call at lunch and I never heard a word. I waited for him to yell when he got home from work and never heard a word.

Finally after a few days, I asked him if he noticed a few clothes in his car and he said, "Yeah, I know."

(I think what happened was that he vented to his office staff--all women--and they laughed him out the door!)

Suffice to say, he took care of his own stuff from then on.

He's still on a learning curve, but nothing like the wet pile thing any more.

Good luck!


Why can't they? Because it would just be waaaay too easy.


I hear you, ladies.


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Terry, The prints were covered with layers of tissue and butcher paper. Kitten just pushed them aside and dug in her nails. I did replace the one that was inexpensive but the other one was a limited edition signed by the artist and I cannot afford to replace it at several hundred dollars. It was a huge splurge for me but husband let me buy it because we were both so depressed over difficult child running away from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) last summer. I will try to find a restorer that works with art on paper. It needs a few days in a special humidifier and a slight touch up or two. Kitty managed to fold it and roll on it to set the crease. The larger print had deep scratch marks all the way across and other smaller digs that went into the paper in several places. It has a replacement value of $500 but I got a new one for 50 dollars on Ebay LOL. Hmmmmmmm. Wonder what that says about the gallery that did the appraisal. by the way The protective paper I had covering them was all balled up a few feet away from the prints. So kitten was at it for a bit.

I think what really got me so freaking mad was that when I told husband that he had left the door open he insisted he had closed it. Well my son was not home and I am the only other person in the house and I knew I hadn't been in the room. To me that seemed the same as calling me a lier and got me boiling. husband was trying to convince me that the kitten may have opened the door herself. I know she doesn't have that skill YET. He finally admitted last night that he had gone back in the room to retrieve something he had left in it and "might" have left the door open then. Yes, husband is a documented difficult child. He has ADHD but took himself off his medications a while ago. He says he doesn't need them anymore.

Heather and WO, Thanks for the comforting words. I know so many of us here can relate to things like this. -RM