Had the weirdest dream ... but it turned out to be about my life

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    I had soooo many dreams last night and today ... I slept a lot because we had thunderstorms that went on and on, and I got up to take sinus medications, and then imitrex for a major migraine ...

    I bought some exotic items to sell at a festival. I bought a really neat elephant container, where the head was attached by some sort of hidden wire and moved back and forth and the materials were carved ceramic mixed with clay, very detailed. The parts started to fall off, so I decided to save it for a local art gallery for artists to make montages. I also bought fabric, which turned out to be a silk bedspread, very colorful, lots of gems and jewelry from India and the Middle East ... you get the idea. Several other items started to break and fall apart, too. It was very sad and frustrating.

    I set up my display and some people came up to bid on the items like an auction. One man bid $185 for the entire lot. Ridiculous, since ea item was worth more than that. Another woman bid a bit more, and a third bid $350 for several items. I accepted her bid. She showed me the cash, then guided me to her display, and started trying to sell me her stuff. She had some gorgeous folded paper items, jewelry, etc. Another women, ostensibly her competitor, had even more jewelry, very high end and sophisticated. A man who was working with-the high end lady told me to watch out because it was a ruse.

    The woman who won the bid then wrote me a check for $250, not $350, (what happened to the cash, and why did she leave the check at the other woman's display instead of handing it to me?) and told me I could have several of her items for the subtracted $100. Then the check went missing. Then I found out they were all in on it together, and I called the police, but the police were sarcastic and slow and speaking in riddles, almost as though they had a sting operation going on, but I was supposed to be patient and wait. In the meantime, I got into an argument with-the woman who wrote and then hid the check, and all I wanted to do was clear out of there with my original items.

    Long story short, after I woke up, I realized that it was a combination of difficult child's constant arguing and manipulation; the police and detectives not following through on our original charges and plan; everyone placing things in my hands and them taking them away, such as all of the background info for the police and difficult child; same thing with-the local private school that said difficult child would love it there, did the testing, and then didn't accept him; the public school system and the lack of response to our request that difficult child immediately attend the new school, rather than wait 6-8 wks; my little sister, whom I supported for yrs while her difficult child did alcohol, pot, and meth, and went through 4 treatment programs, but when I reach out to her, she never answers her phone, and when she responds to emails with a short sentence of, "Get girlfriends." The broken pieces could represent any of several things, but right now, it's just another example of something that I treasured and which fell apart.

    And then I wonder why I wake up crying and depressed, and get a migraine.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Wow, Terry. It's interesting to me that you were able to make that correlation so quickly. I guess when it clicks it really clicks. I often have to write down a dream that leaves me perplexed so I can think on it and figure it out...I had some strange dreams the other night. I still haven't figured them out.

    I liked all the bargaining going on in your dream. It truly reminded me of the many times difficult child would 'try' to 'negotiate' with me! Lol.

    Hugs, sorry about the migraine. I have a sinus infection that just will not go away...I've been on two different antibiotics over the course of two months, the neti pot, sinus cleansers, sinus sprays, etc. It bites.
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    Wow Terry. I don't know that I would have figured it out. For me, the breaking things is the way my family and my life with my boys fell apart. The check scenario would be the promises the school made to difficult child 2 only to not follow through and try to get me to settle for the next best thing. The haggling would be ALL the IEP meetings I had in a 5 month period to get the services for difficult child 1 where they would offer crumbs like I should be satisfied with that instead of the whole pie. Yea, good thing this wasn't MY dream or I'd have woken up crying with a migraine too. I dont' remember the last time I remembered a dream. It's been several years, literally. I know I used to and then suddenly it stopped. I have no idea why but am kind of glad it happened. Some of my dreams seemed so real I'd wak up with VERY strong uncomfortable feelings.
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    Thank you. I also posted this because I knew that it would resonate with so many of you. After all, that's why we're on this board. :(