Happy Mother's Day ladies


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This will be my first ever mother's day without my difficult child, Dalton. I'm so sad already, I have already cried, and even though I'm grateful that I will talk to him on the phone, and he sent me a nice scented candle and card yesterday, and of course I will be with my other 3 kids - it's so sad for me. I will have to put on my half fake smile.

On the BEST news....his dad did agree to let him fly home on June 13th here to NY, we are going to go camping and to NYC one day then he will drive with us when we go to move. :smile: I can't wait, I'm counting down the days!!!

Oh Lord please don't let my heart hurt all day tomorrow how it's hurting tonight. I miss my baby boy.


What's on everyone's agenda for Mother's day?
Me..I get done with work at noon, when I get home easy child is taking all of us out to lunch. Then MY treat...I get to sleep. I don't get much sleep with all the doctor. appts, phone calls, school issues, bills to pay, meals to prepare, sporting events and back to work. So to just lay down watch a movie, sleep with no worries. (well, try to put the worries away for a day) I will try.
Hope all you ladies have a wonderful mothers day.


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AKO603, don't let his absence get to you. Enjoy your day, maybe ring your difficult child and chat on the phone to thank him for his candle. Postpone his part of Mothers Day until 13 June. Do you think he would be happy that his absence is making your day miserable? Don't let it!

Kjs, I hope you get a good sleep in.

My Mothers Day was lovely. Not very different to an ordinary day. difficult child 1 didn't telephone or arrive home as he sometimes does - he'll walk in tomorrow as if there's nothing different. He may well have totally forgotten. I'm used to him - I know he loves me and values me, he's just not wired for this sort of thing. he will be remorseful when he remembers.

As soon as I woke this morning (from a sleep in!) easy child 2/difficult child 2 wished me Happy Mothers Day and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I gave my simple order and reminded her that difficult child 3 had agreed to get me coffee. Of course the kids insisted that the milk had to be frothed, they really went to a lot of trouble. They brought in my breakfast and coffee with two of easy child 2/difficult child 2's roses in my tall pewter vase. She'd cut them for me from her bushes.

easy child rang later this morning and we talked for over an hour, mostly about our travel plans. Three weeks to go! She rang again tonight, again to talk about more travel plans. From her emails, she's spent all day online researching what we want to do when we arrive in NZ. I'm trying to stop her over-organising us, but we did have a lovely chat about other stuff too. This will be the first real holiday BF1 has ever had.

BF2 was visiting his parents overnight, also with a view to them driving him back to our place and also bringing his car (he still hasn't got his licence, he needs to get some practice in the car and then go for his test). But at the last minute, his parents couldn't afford the petrol to put in the car to drive him home, so we drove over and collected him (and the car). We had a pleasant visit with his parents, sister, grandmother and great grandfather. I took over the afternoon tea I'd planned to serve when they visited us; turns out I did them a huge favour, because all they had to eat was pumpkin from their garden and whatever else they could rustle up from the larder. They really enjoyed the scones, cream and home-made jam (remember all that strawberry jam I made in March?). They'd had a huge vet bill which had totally taken them by surprise and so are pulling in their belts for a few days.

I dropped in to visit difficult child 3's godmother; she wasn't home so must have been kidnapped by her offspring and taken somewhere special. husband visited his mother and had a long chat (while I was on phone to easy child). We had a relaxed but full day, overall. Clear, blue skies but definitely colder in the mornings and evenings now.

It's Sunday evening now; we just ate our way through all our leftovers, so nobody had to cook (apart from husband cooking some rice). Now I have en empty fridge to fill for tomorrow night! difficult child 1 will be home so a fairly full house means big appetites. BF2's father gave us a big chunk of pumpkin, so pumpkin soup for starters, at least!

Enjoy your Mothers Day, everyone.



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Good morning. :coffee:
AK0603- I'm sorry you are hurting this morning. Be gentle to yourself. :crying:
Kjs- Enjoy your nap. It sounds a great gift to me. :smile:
Marg- Your day sounded very laid back. I'm glad it was nice. :bravo:
We'll be stopping by mother in law's on the way to brunch at the zoo. It's becoming a tradition for us. Duckie woke me up a few minutes ago to give me a beautiful handmade book, card and photo frame. I'll cherish them always. We ended going to a story hour yesterday after dance. Duckie asked to read to the crowd (over 45 kids & 20 adults). She read a book she had used for accelerated reader, so she did quite well. It was a proud mommy moment. :warrior:
Have a great day. Try not to set the expectations too high because they are difficult children. :hammer: But remember that I value the monumental effort each of you puts forth each day. :warrior:

Happy Mother's Day.
:kisses: :flower: :kisses:


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No matter what today brings, I wish you all a happy and peaceful mothers day!!!

let's all enjoy the day ladies :smile:

We Deserve it!!!!


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Thanks, Karen. I hope you have a great day as well. I'm going to merge this topic with the other Mother's Day topic going in the forum. :smile:


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I hope everyone has a great day

Not much going on here, mothers day is kind of a bummer for me, as difficult child doesn't have any money , or anyone to take him to get me something, so he just keeps saying when i'm older i'll make up for it. We are going with my mom, this afternoon to an ice cream place in the next town, we will be meeting difficult children kindergarten teacher, and her husband and daughter their. It is hard to believe it's been seven years since he was in kindergarten. Well enjoy your day


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I will have to put on my half fake smile.

a yes, the Mona Lisa smile. a classic. like you. remember this is not the way it will always be. be good to you today and smile the other side because you have something nice to look forward to doing with him.

(((HUGS)) and a Mona Lisa smile back but with a winking mona Lisa!

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Good morning friends,

AK - I hope the sadness doesn't overwhelm you today. Enjoy your other children as well.

kjs - the best gift a mother could ever have - a nap!

Marg - what a low key Mother's Day.

TM - enjoy the zoo outing.

Karen - enjoy the day.

Jen - I'd take stability or having difficult child home over any gift he could give me. Enjoy the ice cream.

As kt couldn't wait until Mother's Day - the celebration was yesterday. Today we will be visiting wm as a family; lunch at Culver's the miniature golf.

Time to plant flowers in my flower boxes; tomorrow is digging up my east wall garden & planting as well.

You are all special warrior mom's! Celebrate your family.


To the wonderful warrior moms on this message board:

Whatever today brings, know that your children are lucky to have you in their corners. You are their source of life, love and strength.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day everyone! Have a blessed day and instead of focusing on the chillin's, focus on YOU!

I'm so pooped from yardwork yesterday that I'm looking forward to doing nothing aaaaaalllllllllll day long today.


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Happy Mother's Day to all of you. We survived another year. This year was better than last year. This is progress. Slow like a glacier but still progress.
My difficult child will never really "get" Mother's Day. He did however do as I asked which was the gift of cleaning out his car. He did it and I am grateful.

AKO603,it's important that while you are sad about difficult child being a difficult child that you shouldn't cheat the others. Your easy child kids deserve as much attention and mothering as difficult child or they will learn to get your attention in a not so positive way. Block out difficult child for a few hours and attend to the others. Bask in their love and appreciate them for doing what they should.

My house is empty today. difficult child is working, foster daughter is working. husband and easy child are out of town. I woke up, rolled over and returned to sleep. I'm sure there is a meal and flowers coming with husband and easy child. They are loving to me all year. difficult child challenges me but he tries. It's ok to read the paper alone today. Actually I'm loving the lack of distraction.
Happy Mothers Day to every weary, tired, worn out, sleepy, loving, caring, still-smiling, and very beautiful mom here. You are all the heartbeat of your homes. Do what you can to enjoy this day.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
This is our day!!! (Nothing much different here, lots of kisses) I just wanted to say I respect all of the Mom's here so much. You have shown me how to be stronger, more patient and how to keep fighting for my g'sfg... while stil realizing I am a Mom. I love my girls so much... I think at times we only see the negative here on this board, because we are trying to help each other with some very hard painful things.

But we are all Mom's trying to help our children, the stories I have read here let me know that you can still be a great Mom, despite having a very bumpy long road.

Sending love, hugs and a calm day today... I am glad you are all with me on this Motherhood journey.

(Dad's your day is coming!)


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Happy Mother's Day to All! I hope everyone can find some happiness and peace today.

Taking difficult child#'s 2&3 to visit difficult child#1. husband going on a motorcycle ride, We will meet up later at my Mom's for dinner. husband just reminded me not to expect much from the visit. I am just glad she asked to see me today. Foster Mom said difficult child#1 bought me a card and present last week. This will be my 1st gift from her in over 10 yrs.


Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

A transformer blew and we were without power from 11pm Saturday until about 2 hours ago. I've decided that it's now too late in the day to accomplish anything meaningful (like how I make that rationale?), so I'm just going to take the day off. The housework will still be here tomorrow. Unfortunately.

Enjoy! :smile:

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Happy Mothers Day everyone! I have had a nice day. My oldest came by this am with a card and a big smile and difficult child went out and bought me a plant with his staff. They both thought of me and I am grateful.


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My Mother's Day is also ok. difficult child has been on the computer ALL
day working on a term paper which means I was left alone alot...
not bad, LOL! easy child/difficult child made me a CD of all my favorite Hip Hop
songs and the two of us laughed and danced for the whole CD. husband
just smiled at me as he walked through to the porch. Last night
I had Outback Filet Mignon etc. Geez, was that good. So, tonight I am cooking in. All in all a pleasant day. I've heard
from a few of my grown PCs too.

Hope you all are having a pleasant day, too. DDD


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Sending you all warm Mothers Day Wishes and hugs from the Oreo eater. :smile: Worked this morning and am off to work again for a meeting but husband made me breakfast in between. :smile: difficult child and his brother called to wish me a Happy Mothers Day which was very nice since I hadn't talked to him since his birthday in March.

We are doing ok. I never seem to have any time to myself anymore though. Working alot.

Holding you all close in my heart on this special day. :angel: