Happy Mothers Day !


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Happy Mothers Day to each and every one of you. Motherhood has been a struggle for many of us in this little corner of cd.com, to say the least. It's hard watching our kids fall and not be able to pick themselves up. We want to love and kiss away their "boo-boos".

My difficult child has been hit with anxiety, panic attacks and depression this last week. It hit like a gust of wind, all at once, no warning. We've been back to the therapist, back to the ER, and he is hopefully healing. Knock on wood, he asked for help this time before trying to find a cure for himself - with drugs.

My hope is that you each have a wonderful Mothers Day. As a collective group, you each have my admiration. You have all been down this long, awful road of addiction or are still going down it, and it sure isn't easy.

Happy Mothers Day one and all.
Many hugs and good thoughts,


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Hi there Deb, and thanks. same to you, as my brawny bar hopper difficult child old (and now deceased) lovable uncle used to say in his gruff slurry drunken voice with a smile:

Happy Mother's Day, you mother.
my God daughter sent this to me when I awoke and it made me laugh so much I put it in the watercooler here:


I havent heard a word from my sons. hey it is early. they are both still probably asleep some place. I do know whether they acknowledge me properly or not, I will still be confidant that I have not failed them as a mother. neither have you or any of us here.

I hope your son can be stabilized on medications, with counseling or some other way. I know ant liked a book I once bought for him called "Don't Panic" some one here recommended it. you might look into it for him.


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Thanks Deb, and Happy Mother's Day to you too. Yeppers...this is not a fun road we are on. It is much more bearable knowing that all of you are with me though.


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Sorry to hear about difficult child, Deb. I ditto the above, it sure helps
me to know that you guys are with me too.

I did have a fun time with easy child/difficult child. He made me a Hip Hop CD and
the two of us laughed, sang and danced for about an hour in the
family room.

Somehow, it is bitter sweet as his days at home have to come to
an end before long and all my efforts I don't think will help him
in the long run to make healthy choices. BUT, today we laughed!

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Happy Mothers Day friend!

I started my day with brunch with my inlaws and difficult child and babygirl, then difficult child and I went to the flea market, we had a nice day. a very nice day.