Happy Summer?!?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by change, Jun 14, 2009.

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    How's Everyone been?

    I was slammed at work for all of spring due to Ike, "swinecation", etc. so I didn't have too much time to spend on the web. I do have to admit I got on the FB back in January but I can access that one easily on on my phone unlike this site. :( My girl ended the school year passing to h.s (yikes??!!) and stayed out of the BAC classroom even though we had to have an ARD to threaten her with it. She always does better in the summer without social pressures and school pressures so it's a relief to be on break. Kind of. She can also be very moody and get on my nerves and since I don't work summer school so I can be home with her that means I DON'T get a break. Oh well. She just got back from a weekend camp and she hasn't been to camp in ages. It went well. Last week we had small victory too...I had to send her walking to her h.s. (she's on cross country) to practice and it was spur of the moment so she didn't have time to plot anything crazy and she made it ok. Of course, I texted the coach and let him know and he texted me when she got there. I missed you guys...I hope things are better with at least some of you. I'm really scared about h.s. I'm going to sit back, try to enjoy my summer (pretending I'm a lady of leisure until I have to go back to work...LOL!!!), and not stress out until I have to.
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    Hi Change and welcome back. Sounds like difficult child is getting some positive experiences and making better choices.
    The texting with the coach is a good way to keep track without seeming to be. Glad difficult child made it to practice and back.

    My difficult child is haning in there but there are little demands placed on him. He has been assigned a caseworker who is going to work on a personal plan for difficult child. I finally get to be a peripheral support. I'm not quite there since I still feel like I have to "nudge" to get things rolling but it's a goal that's coming closer every week. He met with his job coach who seems like a nice guy. We will see if a job happens anytime soon.

    Hope your summer is peaceful and it starts with today.
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    Well GOOD FOR YOU Fran. It's about DANG TIME! ;) Right??!! You've been so good with him. Really.I hope you're able to have some kind of peace with the case worker taking some load off of you. Whew!
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    Change---wow--high school. It doesn't seem she could be that old already! I'm glad to see she is getting involved in some school activities. That can be a life saver for many of our kids. It gets them in with other young people on the right track (pardon the pun). I hope she continues to grow and mature over the summer and high school is a good experience for you both.
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    Hi Everywoman!!

    I know. It seems really strange. She's 13 and won't be 14 until late August. She's on the young side. It's good but also has been rough because of the attachment issues all these years/ She's very immature compared to her peers. Her attachment disorder is not as bad as her bio-brothers was. She is very attached to us and her grandparents but has trouble trusting anyone else of authority and has trouble bonding with others. She is extremely clingy too. Anyway, she ran track last spring and even though her idiosyncrocies still came across, we're talking about HoustonISD. She's in an "inner-city" school. A good one, but still. :) The coach and all of her teachers are pretty patient and we're talking about someone who trained with a pro-ballet school for YEARS. She's solid muscle. She's not too great of an athlete yet but she has potential and had a lot of stamina and drive. Plus she's ADD/ADHD. :) That always helps. Her science teacher (also the head football coach) said I had a lot less problems with her when she was good and tired everyday from her ballet and track practice. She needs to do sports in h.s.! So the plan is for her to do c.c, then soccer, then track. Hopefully, it will motivate her to keep her grades up so she can participate. UIL rules and all...
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    Is she still dancing? For Jana the discipline of dance kept her on track for years. Up until her senior year, she had no time to get into "trouble" with her girlfriends because all of her free time was spent in the studio, at competitions, or performing with various companies. Unfortunately, she began to resent the time spent and after knee surgery she did not go back. That decision is the biggest regret of her life.