Has anyone been to Sedona AZ?


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Sounds like a very spiritual city snd looks peaceful and beautiful. Love those red mountsins!! Has anyone been there? That area is becoming my first choice as to where to go during cold Wisconsin winters. Any first hand opinions? Any good nearby towns? Quartzville is my second choice.

Hubby says its not time to go yet. He knows he likes the Arizona/Nevada area, but wonwt look at specific towns until later. So I am doing the research :wink-very:


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FYI – I can only speak for a describe a brief visit to the Sedona area. I went on a road trip to the Flagstaff area a few years ago, and made a couple day trips to Sedona, going there down through Oak Creek Canyon. It sure is lovely country, with the desert and red rock formations, and creeks and rivers. You can into feeling spiritual there. It was in May and the weather then was lovely, clear and crisp. There are several attractions in the area (natural and Native American) that are interesting to see. We took many day trips out of Flagstaff every day for a couple weeks, and still did not see all we wanted.

I live in a big city far from there, so the brief respite to a smaller town, new environment and new vegetation, no high buildings, no traffic to speak of, was very enjoyable. Of course, I was busy with a vacation schedule and places to go the whole time, so don’t know what normal day to day life would be like. There is a lot of info online to check out. Might be a good idea to take a short trip to Sedona and to Quartzville (when husband is ready) to see how they compare.

Lucky you, to be able to travel around and spend time in different places. I can tell you are someone who enjoys life. You are an inspiration ~ Best Wishes.


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Great choice, SWOT!

I used to live in Prescott Valley, AZ.

I lived on the 'back side' of the valley, and had a kitchen window facing the mountains. I had this gorgeous view every time I did the dishes! It was one of my all time favorite places ever!

We went on day trips every weekend to some nearby town or area. There is so much to see and do.

Sedona is beautiful and unique, but since you will have the time, explore all the areas around there.

Be aware that Sedona caters to a lot of wealthy people, so it may be a pricey place to stay. I believe Senator McCain has a house there, or at least he did when I lived there back in the 90's (prayers to the McCain family).

I wold find an affordable campground in the area, then just explore and hike the area to your hearts content!


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Thanks, both! Now I am extra excited!

We are not interested in buying stuff or tourist traps. We may even dry camp for a while. We want yo buy an old camper we can fix up...one with a bathroom and shower and feel we can handle things like dump stations.

I am grateful for all feedback. I havent traveled at all. Most of my life was being Mom

Thanks!! (Again)


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I've been to Sedona, and it is beautiful. It is quite expensive, but I don't know about camp grounds.

Santa Fe New Mexico is another gorgeous area known for it's spirituality. The four corners is beautiful too, southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, Northwestern New Mexico and Northern Arizona. You can check out the Anasazi, called the "Ancient ones", who built their dwellings on the sides of mountains. It is a beautiful area with a rich history. There are quite a few National Parks in that area too. You can purchase a senior pass to the parks, I think they are discontinuing that soon so you might look into it and buy it now, it used to be $10 and it gives you entry into all the parks.


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Thank you, RE.

We are not interested in expensive campgrounds and may camp on tje grid at free parks. We areostly lookinh for peace, beauty, wildlife and for me spitituality. Will look into Santa Fe! Nrver yhought of Utah. Thanks!


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Utah is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the country!

We were in Moab last spring (a year ago) and we loved it. The weather was great, but it can get cold in the winter and hot in summer.

Arizona has some interesting places. Meteor Crater and Montezuma's Well are places we visited, as well as the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert.

Don't miss the small town of Jerome (near Cottonwood and PV). It is built on the side of a mountain, literally, with 100+ year old houses from the mining days sitting on shear drop-offs. It is an artist-type community and is very informal and laid-back (at least, it was last time I was there.