He called 911!


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Well, Bradon got mad at older brother today and called 911! He hung up, they called me back. I was 2 blocks away--came home to chaos! He was mad because older brother did not pour cereal in the right bowl, that is too little, I want more, a different spoon...needless to say, NOT a reason to call 911. After I told the dispatcher things were fine, they still have to send an officer. 15 mins later(glad it wasnt an emergency!), an officer knocks on the door...my oldest son(14) was panicked..he just knew he was in trouble because he should have made Bradon better. NOT!

So, the officer asks if he can come in(protocol to make sure things are fine), I say please do and Bradon comes in room....freaks! He starts hyperventilating, snot is going everywhere, then...as the officer is talking...BONG! switch to "you arent the boss, I dont have to listen to you! I will call them again, ugly!"

I tell the officer he has a form of autism and BiPolar and he says, "then I dont want to be the one to get on to him!" I said, no..you need to tell him the reasons to call 911 is emergency, NOT because things arent going your way.

So, needless to say, locking the knives was a no brainer, I didnt know we had to lock up the phones too!



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My difficult child did the same thing one morning because easy child was fighting with him. I was at work, husband was sleeping. difficult child dialed and hung up, they called back and he hung up again. husband woke up to police knocking on door. Luckily difficult child was chastised, not defiant. I was glad I was not home.
I can't locate it right now, but if I do, I will post a link. I just heard an audio of a kid calling 911 asking for help with a math question. The kid was 4 years old, and he was asking for help with his "take aways". The patient dispatcher was helping the child, too. A couple of minutes into the call, you hear the mom asking "what are you doing" and the kid says "shh! the police are helping me with my math". The mom freaks "What! The police!" the kid answers "you told me that if I ever needed help I should call someone". Mom says "BUT NOT THE POLICE!!"

I roared when I heard that. I also would bet good money that the child was a difficult child.


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Oh Lordy!!!!!!!!! :smile:

I can't imagine!!!! I am glad that at least the cop was understanding! Hang in there.

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You are not alone on th is one. My difficult child has called 911 two separate times. Both times he hung up and they called back to see what was going on. Both times we told them it was our son. Interestingly enough, they didn't send someone out either time. :whew: