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    Part of my mother's rant was about how Wiz thought that something bad/unpleasant would happen if he showed up uninvited for dinner with husband's parents.

    He simply didn't want to go, was NOT upset by not being called. We DID drop the ball by not calling, but since he has refused at least 20 invitations to do things with us in the last year, we didn't think it was a big deal. Wiz will not commit to anything even a week ahead of time and usually has things he would rather do.

    He IS 19, after all.

    My mother apparently was pressuring him to go and he wanted her to let it go. (by the way - he has worked the last several months of that day and time without fail - it is the only part of his schedule that is consistent. It was a time my inlaws picked - NOT a design on our part to exclude him.) So he made up the bit about something bad or unpleasant happening if he wasn't specifically invited.

    in my opinion this is still more of a typical teen thing to do, and almost any 19yo would say something like that when faced with my mother's interrogations.

    Gee, he felt just find stopping over with donuts this am with-o asking.

    This has been part of things that has really really upset me, that Wiz felt that he could not join us with-o a specific invitation. It is nice to find that he does not feel this way.

    You are all right that the sky will not fall if we do not go to my parents for Christmas. I am going to make a short visit because otherwise my daughter will refuse to go. She WANTS to go but feels that she will be a target of my mother's rage if I am not there.

    I don't know if I will EVER go over there again after this. Certainly not without the kids asking me to.

    Hugs to all. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart for all your support. I HATE that so many of you have mothers so similar to mine.
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    Glad you're cutting the visit short and that Wiz still feels welcome enough to just drop in.

    Ehhh, as for the mom part............well, at least you know you're not alone in that dept either. For a very long time I thought my Mom was the only one like that...........and I know it makes me feel better that there are others who can understand how I feel having grown up with that.

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    I think the reason that there are so many of us that have similar mothers on this board is because this is a board for kids with various mental disorders. Uhhh...can anyone spell genetics? I know my issues travel almost straight down my mothers side of the family tree. Although after listening to the stories my Uncles were telling at the wake, Cory could have fit in quite nicely with them back in their hay day!
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    I don't have many stories of my relatives and their antics, not ones that happened before I was born. My mom wasn't raised like her sisters. her mom died when she was 10. Her living sister is 15 yrs older than she is and has a lot of her own mental, and bottle, problems. My Gpa wanted a boy, so that is how he treated my mom.

    Probably why she values gfgbro more than I.

    Hugs to all of you.