He ran away!!!

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    So at 1 am I was woken up by a police officer knocking on our front door. Apparently difficult child 1 ran away from the residential program he's in. difficult child was upset that he couldn't use the computer there to fix his IPOD so he took all of his stuff and left. He had a friend pick him up and then that friend contacted the police to let them know that difficult child was with him and was ok. The police picked him up and returned him to the residential at 4:30 am. I just got off the phone with the CMO who was in disbelief. He was like "wow, he's just all out defiant isn't he?" Uhhhh yeah! Welcome to my world.
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    Thank God he is okay! Sorry for that, poor kid so upset about an IPod...(of course that was not the real issue, right? but it was a trigger for sure) I have never been in this situation but I just feel so much for you.

    Take care!
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    Actually, for Kanga, being upset about the IPOD (or rather not being allowed to do what she wants when she wants it) would be more than enough to prompt a run.

    JKF -- so glad they found him and he was safely returned. Kudos to the friend for calling the police !!
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    Glad he's safe, glad his friend was responsible about the situation, and glad the CMO is getting a clue. Sorry you had to deal with the stress.
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    Glad he is safe. Sorry he worried you. How close is this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to you? How many more months until 18?
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    yup that is usually the real issue at my house too. It is maddening sometimes. my saying no to something can start a HUGE rage or verbal or physical attack
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    I'm glad he's safe too but totally freaked out that he might run again at any moment. They said they can't keep him there and if he runs it's up to him. I found out that when he ran the other night he hitched a ride with a STRANGER to his friend's house 20 miles away!!! I'm so stressed and worried. I can't take it anymore!!!

    The whole freaking out over electronics is nothing new. It's one of the main reasons he gets in trouble. He is literally addicted to electronics! On top of that he is also now refusing to comply with the program's rules (such as going to school) and there is a meeting on Tuesday regarding whether or not he can stay there any longer. They said if he keeps refusing to go to school he has to leave. In his mind, if he gets thrown out he thinks I will allow him to come home. Not happening!! The CMO doesn't know what else to do with him and neither do I! He will be 18 in 9 months. He wants his freedom and wants to do what he wants to do. He doesn't think rules apply to him. Well, sorry but until he's 18 and out on his own there will be rules to follow wherever he lives. I'm so frustrated. It seems like this nightmare will never end and I don't know how much more I can take!!!
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    Where are they going to send him if he can't stay there? jail? Didn't he attack you? Could you press charges now? Is he court ordered to go or was it court ordered that the place had to take him.
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    LOL - even after he turns 18, there will be rules... Such as paying rent on time, no animals, noise ordinances...

    Onyxx can't wait till she's 18 - she'll be FREE! *snicker* I wish I was FREE at 18. Or 21. Or NOW!!!