He thanked me for cutting off phonecalls!

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    :surprise: I certainly wasn't expecting THAT.

    Yesterday, I called "girlfriend's" parents. Got a hold of dad. He was very nice and open. He said his wife had told him she had already spoken to my husband and he thought it was under control. I told him it was not.

    I emphasized that I still wanted them to be friends, and that maybe they could have 1 hr a day, at a pre-set time, to talk on the phone. (I think that was Marg's idea.) He said his style is just to cut the kids off, and I countered that may encourage them to sneak more. I told him he didn't have to decide right that minute, but to give it some thought.

    He also suggested that a younger brother might be calling and hanging up. I said we had lots of those calls, particularly with-baby talk. He said, yes, that's the one!

    So the girlfriend wasn't the sole culprit.

    difficult child approached me while I was talking. I thought, uh-oh, he's going to grab the phone out of my hand and be embarrassed and we'll get into it. But he wanted something else (he was looking for something).

    After I hung up, I said, "Please don't interrupt me on the phone. I was talking to J's dad."

    "I know. Thank you."

    Whoah. He was sick of it, too!!! Now that I think of it, he did stop returning her calls, which was one reason she called back so much. Sigh.

    Anyway, I am glad the phone isn't ringing off the hook any more. :peaceful:

    Today, difficult child got a call from another person whose name I didn't recognize. I stayed on the extension because I thought it was a different friend (long story). Apparently this was one of J's friends, intervening or facilitating, telling difficult child that J had lost her phone privileges and asking if he still liked J.
    His responses were, in order, "Whatever," and

    This is fine for a 13-yr-old boy, but when he gets into "real" relationships, it's not going to cut the mustard. In the meantime, apparently they think he's a cool dude--too cool to talk a lot.
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    It's great he thanked you! He probably was very tired of the calls and didn't know what to do! Good job, Mom!
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    Terry, there are times our difficult children are begging us to "rescue" them but don't know how to ask.

    Very cool that difficult child thanked you. You must all be relieved.

    Ahhhh, young love & teenage angst.