He was great.


Arrived at the hospital at 6:30 this morning, the surgeon and dentist met difficult child in the waiting room and spent a LOT of time with him. They used Versed to calm him, and again, they were all with him for the better part of an hour, playing and interacting, and when it came time to go, on the versed, it was pretty much ok. The surgeon carried him, and he hit her twice, but it wasn't hard, and he giggled after the second time.
The only time it got hairy was getting the id bracelet on, and they intervened and said forget it to the admin trying to put it on him. It went great.
In addition, he only had to have 5 crowns instead of all 8, which was great news.


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<font color="blue">so glad to hear things went so smoothly. that versed is my own personal favorite medication ever!!!

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That's really good news. I'm glad it worked out. And it worked out on YOUR terms, plus he still had some difficulties so your presence was clearly needed and beneficial.

difficult child 3's problems with blood draws - husband had to have some blood taken yesterday, so he asked difficult child 3 if he wanted to go in with him to watch. difficult child 3 agreed that it would be a good idea, as long as nobody was likely to take blood from HIM. He really tried to cope, but he almost passed out. Apparently they had difficult child 3 on the couch and gave him some sweetened drink to get him back on his feet.

Sounds like difficult child 3's next blood draw is going to be even trickier than the last - thanks to that previous idiot technician who refused to let him have emla cream. But at least we know, we can plan for it more effectively.

And your difficult child has had an experience with few traumas and a positive outcome. Each one of these is a success and reduces the problems further down the track.