I've been fighting the traveling bugs, does anyone have any home remedies for headaches? I jsut can't seem to shake this thing.


My kids' neurologist recommends a bag of ice (wrapped in a washcloth if too cold) on the forehead in a dark, quiet room. Sometimes warm showers or baths help my kids. Ibuprofen always works better than Tylenol.


call 911........call 911
Hi there,

I suffer terribly and daily from migraines. I take topomax. For me it's been a three fold blessing. It's helped with the day to day migraines, it has been helping me loose weight, and it's helped curb some of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) quirks I have. When the topomax does not work, I have Relpax and I take 1 or 2 tablets of that, pack my head in ice, lay down, and pray nothing makes a noise - even my own pulse sound is like a hammer and makes me nauseated. When that doesn't work I got to the ER because at that point I would drink acid to eliminate that pain I suffer from. I can't imagine how anyone with Cluster headaches (my Sister) survives them. Hers have diminished with the onset of peri-menopause.

This was in an article I just read today on Web MD from my Mom. We were talking about the fact that I just started Paxil CR. But the Paxil is supposed to help with PMDD (Premen. Dys. Disorder) as well as depression. I also have PCOS, but can't find an OBGYN that will grant me a hysterectomy or just take out my ovaries. I am sure that all my migraines have to do with my girly parts and hormones.

In this article there was an ALL NAtural...remedy

You have to give this 3 months of trying for it to show any effect at all.

500 mg. magnesium, 400 mg. riboflavin (B-12 vitamin), 150 mg. Coenzyme Q10 (Kinda spendy), and Feverfew. Take all together for 3 months to lessen migraines.

Also...another study being done in Atlanta, GA said that it has had success with butterbur. Taking 75 mg. of butterbur each day after (didn't say how long) cut migraines by 50%. THAT is amazing.

When I started a migraine tracking chart, I had to find and eliminate my triggers. Caffeine for me is a HUGE no no. (Does make the headache go away) but that stuff called Exedrine migraine has SO much caffeine in it, my doctor actually told me that I could have other complications just from the caffeine. So I have no caffeine. (that was for my doctor) and I DO have it.. in moderation.

I've never heard of the sea-sick medicine as a helper. WOW! wouldn't that be nice!? Will give that a whirl if I'm ever out of medications. Seems logical.

I'm goign to do more research into butterbur....hope something here was of help.

Hugs and a Coke....a BIG ole tall glass of it....(um no doctor it was caffeine free)



I've got a good doctor that will do the hyst, Star. I was actually looking at that myself til he started me on continuous bcp, and after 2 years of not working, all of a sudden it did. Who knows, my body's weird like that.

I don't know that ths qualifies as a migraine, tho. What constitutes a migraine? Its not the worst headache ever (that was while I was pregnant with difficult child 2 - was just a vision of what was to come, I think), but its the longest lasting. And my stomache is just rolling, non-stop. I really am wondering if its not completely stress related.