Health Insurance/SSI/SSDI question???


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I was able to have my 25 year old son continued on my health insurance because of his bipolar disorder, at least for the next year. Can he still apply for SSI or SSDI even though he has this insurance? He will have no income when he is released from prison next month and probably will be incapable of work. Just didn't know what they would think of him being on my policy.


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Yes he can still apply. If and when he is approved for disability, then you can decide if you wish to continue covering him. I cant think of a reason why you would want to however. Most likely unless he has worked significantly in the past few years, he would get SSI and that comes with medicaid. You can continue him on your insurance then if you want and medicaid would be secondary.

This whole ball of wax is a mess let me tell Im just now dealing with medicare in all its various parts and medicaid. Argh!