Heel spurs...anyone?

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I have a heel spur that hurts so freaking bad that I am in tears. I will be seeing the doctor in a few weeks. Does ANYONE have any remedies for in the meantime? This thing is throbbing.


I cannot believe how bad this hurts.


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No, I had to have heel spurs removes in both heels when I was 16!!! It was horrible. But they never came back... I still have some sensitivity in the area but nothing like prior to the surgery!!!

Good luck... PM me for the gorry details...
There is an exercise that you can do that will give you some relief. You have to stretch the plantar muscle that runs the length of your foot. I know it sounds weird but there is a connection.

It would be easier to draw you a picture of what you need to do - but I will try to describe it. Find the edge of a sidewalk or something sturdy that you can stand on that is a few inches higher than the ground or floor. You can use stairs, too. Stand up with the balls of your feet on the edge of this thing and then lower your heels towards the ground. Your feet will be on an incline with your heels lower than your toes. You will feel the stretch in your calves - but also along the bottom of your feet. Try to hold this position with your heels as low as you can. Do this whenever you think of it - it really helped me. I always did it with my shoes on

I got heel spurs when I started a new job walking on concrete floors with steel-toed boots. Make sure you have proper footwear. You can also get "heel cups" for inside your shoes - that have gel to cushion your heels.

Good luck - I hope this helps you. I can remember how bad heel spurs can hurt!


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Sorry I don't know of anything that can help ease the pain.

But I can say that my brother in law had success with his surgery, too.

Won't the doctor give you something for the pain??

Thanks, guys...

Amy, I am doing those exercises. They do help a little!
Janet, I will look into the Birkenstocks. Right now I am wearing Crocs. ALL day, EVERY day.
Daisy, basically tylenol or aleive, but that doesn't even touch it.
Totoro, I WILL be PMing you...

Thank you all!

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Go to Wal Mart and look in the pain relief section, There is a patch called SALONPAS. When my heel spur was hurting badly, I put one of thes pain patches on the bottom of my foot, and it helped.

Also, when I went to the Podiatrist, he took some padding similar to an insole, and made a pad , then taped it on my heel. This helped to reduce the pain. It's the shape of the bottom of your foot, but straight across just short of the arch. I think I used it for about 3 months. I also had ultrasound treatments and heavier duty painkillers to use. I think one of the medications was Baclofen. The Dr also used an injectible steriod, if I am not mistaken.

I know that at least two other women at work also used the pain patches for a similar problem. They also help with sciatica, bursitis and arthritis.

My pain started about 3 or 4 years ago, but I haven't had any problems for well over 2 years. I do take prescription antiinflammatory and occoasional pain reliever/muscle relaxers now, so those may be a part of the answer.

I feel for you, and hope the problem is resolved soon.


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I've got plantar fasciaitis in one foot and Achilles tendonitis in the other. Both tendons in both feet also have calcareous spurs. Everything hit hard one day six weeks ago, I saw the doctor and he referred me for a bone scan which confirmed the diagnosis. I as desperate to do something for the pain - finding something soft to walk on, I figured. Thick sheepskin insoles helped a small amount (new insoles for my Uggs) but they're no good in summer or if you wear thongs (flip-flops) on your feet. I actually switched to a much softer pair of r ubber thongs, as squishy as I could find, and it helped a tiny amount.

What REALLY did the trick - I bought some soft r ubber heel inserts for my shoes. They're not attached or anything, they do slide around a bit. But they're VERY soft, very flexible and it might be coincidence but within a day, the pain was so much better I could walk almost normally; I could put my full weight down on my feet again.

I had to go carefully for a while linger, not walk too far in one day, but I was able to build up and right now I'm only getting mild twinges which I can quickly ease by going back to my soft insole heel thingies again.

These heel inserts are a bit like memory foam, only a bit heavier and firmer. I was able to squeeze them in the packet. Gel inserts are another possibility.

The PROPER thing to do is see a podiatrist, which I still haven't done. Probably when we get back from holidays.