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    I haven't been here in a while. My son is still in a homeless shelter. He has been arrested before Christmas and spent a week in jail. I won't go into the charges but I pray he is innocent of this! Of course nothing is his fault, it never is. He launched a barrage of crazy at me a couple of days before Christmas, bringing up the past and again everything us my fault. He wants to build a better relationship. Why don't I call? I have to keep my distance because I do not trust him. He s finally working and saving money for a truck, not an apartment, a truck. He says he is clean but I really don't trust that.
    I am better. I graduated in December with my Masters. I have a new apartment.
    Thanks to everyone for your advice and strength. This site was a God send!
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    Congratulations on your new degree and your new apartment. Sounds as if you are beginning a new life which has you in the starring role, not your son. Good for you. Glad to hear you're better. Thanks for updating us.
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    Congratulations on your graduation.

    Stand firm and proceed with caution. I don't trust my difficult child either. A few years back he had told me that he wanted to work on our relationship. That was very short lived as all he wanted to do was try and convince me that I was stupid for believing in God. I too got the "blaming me" for his life troubles.
    He also posted something on FB a few weeks before Christmas about how husband and I never invite him for Christmas because he doesn't think he's welcome here. Yes, he is not welcome here for these reasons:
    Stole from us more times than I can remember, don't trust him.
    Trashed our home more times than I can remember, don't trust him.
    Trashed my beliefs in a God that he doesn't believe in so why would I invite him to celebrate a Christian holiday.

    Good for you for moving on with your life!
    Best wishes for the New Year.
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    Hi BW

    So nice to hear a story of strength, survival and success!

  5. Childofmine

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    Bone I am so glad to hear about your progress on your journey. Whatever you are doing keep on doing it. We are pulling for you and wish you all the best. Keep us posted!
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    You are making major changes in your own life and taking care of yourself. You know you can't change your son, but good for you for graduating with your Masters!!!!!! :student:
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    I remember you, Bone Weary. I am glad to hear he is working and saving for a truck. At least that shows he contemplates a future he cares about. Great on you for getting your Masters, AND a new apartment! It is wonderful to hear you are doing so well and keeping your boundaries in place. He will see that trust has to be earned back, with time.
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    I did that too, Bone Weary. Recreated myself when I lost those dreams of who and how we all would be.

    Good job.

    Stay the course.

    I love it that you took your Master's.