Help needed with IEP Legality


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I'm going to leave this friend as anonymous but I know an individual who is going through hard times because she had a low IEP score while she was in school(@14 yrs old, now 24 yrs) and is being judged on her current parenting with this information by the child and family service department. I'm wondering if this data has an expiry and if it is even fair to use this data since people change and mature. She still has problems with confidence and anxiety which play a large role in her social abilities yet she is a good mother put into an interrogative like situation where she is being judged and assessed poorly based on a spotlight in her face(hypothetical scenario). I want her to not have to be put under the microscope and I feel she is being wrongly portrayed based on her IEP information


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As an adult, she will be evaluated on her abilities now. She may need help and mentoring . She will not be judged on an evaluations at age 14. You might be able to stand by her and give her aid.


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I do hope this can't really happen. What about all of us that have had kids/grandkids on IEPs? Are they to be judged forever by this? Grandson has a mood disorder and his IEP is for Serious Emotional Disturbance and Other Health Impaired (for his ADHD). So, are we to give up on him ever have a normal life? Is this like a felony conviction that haunts forever? This is ridiculous.


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How would Family Services get this information?

Is this a fear she has, or does she know for sure that they have and are using the info?

If I knew for sure, I would go see a lawyer.

I don't see how this could be legal.


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It cant. My two youngest both had IEPs and nobody even knows it anymore. My son works two jobs. My daughter is ready to graduate and go to the police academy. She eorks with special need kids while she goes to school. It isnt on your record like a felony. The problem has to be something else other than an IEP from school. Or the young woman is gravely misinformed. There is another reason family services is in her life.