Here's Help Finding an Advocate

We are very fortunate to have an outstanding child advocate helping us fight our battles with the SD. I asked her how others accross the US could find children's advocates in their areas. She gave me the name and web site for a national association of advocates. The web site is full of wonderfull info and resources. Council of Parent, Attorneys and Advocates is the name of the group and the web site is:

To find an advocate, click on NET COPAA and you'll find a state by state listing. If you location isn't listed, e-mail someone listed for your stat and ask for referals.

Be aware that most advocates do charge, but according to ours, most advocates do, do alot of pro bono work. Don't be afraid to ask if you need help in the $$ department.

Our advocate also said the disscusion list is extremly informative and well worth signing up for. Also an extensive Links section.

Hope this information will be of help to some of you. I can't say enough about how much help our advocate has been for us!!

difficult child:9yr olf boy diagnosis: ADHD,ODD, drepession and anxiety. poss. Bipolar
easy child: 12 yr. old boy
husband: 45yr old, adult ADD
Me: 42 yr old, dealing with depression