Hey all. The Princess has found her Prince Charming.

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by everywoman, Jan 28, 2013.

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    PCdaughter came last week and told husband and I that she and her boyfriend have set a date!!! She will be getting married in September. I can't tell anyone in real life because they are waiting for his divorce to be final (separated for 3 years now, divorce should be final in about 3 weeks) then they have to tell his son, who loves daughter to death.

    He is a wonderful guy. He works for DNR. He is local, and his parents are just fabulous. His parents know and are thrilled. She has also told her dad because I told her she had to.

    She has set a budget for the wedding and is determined that they do it themselves. She wants a small affair, probably 100 people (our big family!!!!). The wedding will be at his parents' home on the river---a beautiful setting. The reception will be at my home. husband is busy drawing up landscaping plans so it will be picture perfect for that day.

    We shopped some yesterday and she bought a few things. Her color scheme is black and white (with a touch of red).

    I did offer to give them my 3 carat diamond to have reset for an engagement ring. I don't wear it and it would be hers one day anyway. She loved the idea, and so I gave her the ring yesterday. She will be able to design her setting which she was happy about.

    Anyway, wanted to share with my online friends.
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    How wonderful Kat! I am thrilled for you guys. It will be beautiful there that time of year. I may have to sneak down and take a peak...lol. Give her my best wishes.
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    Awwww a wedding! So exciting and it sounds like it's going to be absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats!!!
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    Congratulations! Wonderful news, I imagine you are over the moon with joy. Happy hugs for you!
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    I know this sounds "silly" but OMG I am REALLY excited to read positive news. It "may" be premature but darn it I am happy to read your post. Hugs DDD
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    Truly special. Thanks for sharing!
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    What great news!
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    Congratulations! That's wonderful news. I wish your whole family much joy.

    Love, Esther
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    Congrats!! This is great news! It is exciting to plan a wedding! Is ExH going to be a PITA about this?
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    Such a nice thing for you! Congratulations to all! -RM
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    Oh, how utterly wonderful!!! So very happy for her! Congrats to the sweet couple, I hope they have many many many happy years together.

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    Wonderful!! :)
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    Congradulations :)

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    Ohhhhh that's WONDERFUL! All of it!