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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by So Tired, Jan 13, 2009.

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    I haven't posted for a long time -- for awhile I was just too emotionally exhausted -- but I wanted to post an update of a "hopeful" sort. I will try and keep it short, although alot has happened in the past several months.

    Things have been, dare i say?, somewhat better lately.

    DS asked to move back home after getting kicked out of his friend's for the same behaviors that he was in trouble with us for. We let him return on a week to week basis dependent on following the rules. We did have to kick him out one more time, but for the past say, 4 months he has been following house rules, including curfew. We even let him stay alone here over New Year's and he made it to work, took care of the pets, and kept the house spotless.

    DS started on anti-depressants after he found out I was on them and they were helping me. He actually stole some of mine but, admitted that he took them to try and help his depression and agreed to see the family doctor to get his own perscription. Hallalujah! I have been begging him for 2 years to get help. He and I have both felt that the medication has also helped with anxiety -- which I didn't even recognize I had.

    DS lost his job. Too many "lates" and "No-show No-calls". But manager must like him cause she hired him back after a few weeks. He just told us last week that a friend of his was fired over the same thing, and reported proudly that he had punched in on time for 3 weeks in a row. (Major, for him) So hopefully, that little lesson took.

    DS's girl broke up with him. again. At least this time, although he's sad, he did not go on a drinking spree (1st time) threaten to kill himself (2nd time) or break his hand punching his car (3rd time) I told him I knew he was sad, and had every right to be, but was glad he was coping with it in a grown-up, non-destructive was. I don't know if she'll be back. I just bite my tongue...

    DS registered for community college. Will wait to see if he actually goes to class and how he does. We said we will pay only if he gets passing grades.

    I feel hopeful but wary. I know there will always be some sort of drama when it comes to DS, but it is nice to have a bit of calm here in my home after 2 years of consant battle. Did I mention DS bought christmas presents for us out of his own earned $$ and wrapped them himself? Baby steps I know for all those other parents who send me Christmas letters detailing their sum-***-laude students who play piano with the church choir and are the captain of the lacrosse team, but we have to cherish our little triumphs when we can!
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    What a wonderful post. It sounds like you have every reason to be cautiously optimistic. I'm so glad that you posted an update and even happier that it is so positive. Sending smiles your way. DDD
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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! Updates like this are so few and far between. It gives us all hope!
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    That sounds great! It sounds like something I would like to post one of these days!