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    Since last Friday, Miss KT has had a major chip on her shoulder. She over-reacts to the littlest things, has screaming fits about nothing, and does her best to pick fights with both me and Hubby. We got our state refund Friday, bought her the camera we'd promised her, and went to Target for some other stuff. I wanted refills for our air freshener, but couldn't remember what brand it was. Miss KT kept saying it had the green light on it, I said I don't see one with a green light, we kept looking, and I finally said to forget it, I'd write the name down and come back later. Hubby picked up an air freshener and showed me, under a sticker, that it did have a green light. Miss KT blew a gasket, saying that no one ever listens to her, she was saying that all along, and she's really tired of having to compete with Hubby for everything. I wasn't aware she still saw this as a competition, and of course, she refused to talk to me about it any further.

    Saturday, she went straight for screaming whenever something didn't go her exact way. Sunday, thank heavens, she was at a friend's, but she went from decent to a spitting cat Monday evening the second she saw Hubby, and it continued most of the evening, until I sent her to her room.

    This is the behavior we were seeing right before she went to my mom's, and I'm not sure why it's back. She saw her father on Thursday, which is rarely a good thing, but it doesn't usually trigger blow-ups like this anymore. Things were going her way money-wise, we'd been to dinner at a place she loves, bought the camera, and she had spending money for her visit with her friend. She's on spring break, she has several different things to do, she's taking her medications...I just don't know. So many things are running around in my head...did her father say something that upset her? She has only two more months of high she afraid to be a grown-up? Was the Adderall bump to 30 mg from 25 last month not good for her?
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    I hate to ask this because I *hated* it when someone would say it to me, but: is it near her TOM?

    I'm so sorry for the hostility. Screaming 17 year olds....ugh.
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    mstang67chic Going Green sound like a walking Calgon commercial! Sorry she's being such a PITA.

    The TOM question had me wondering.....does she get worse every month? If so, she may want to talk to the doctor. There is something out there and of course the name escapes me but it is basically PMS on acid. could be the time of the year. difficult child always goes a bit hinky this time of year. I think it is the difficult child version of spring fever.

    Hope she settles soon or you figure it out. Hugs.
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    First off, hugs! I can so relate to a teenager who has screaming fits. I wish I knew the answer or had some great advice. I hope she turns things around quickly.
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    ugh! i know how frustrating it is to have difficult child who won't open up and talk to you about things and she obviously is bottling a whole lot up. She's very angry and frustrated about something. Her saying that she is sick of having to compete with husband for your attention may not even be the real issue that's bothering her.

    She's been like this since last friday and seen her dad on Thursday so it's very likely that it's something that went down with her dad that has angered her. How can you find out though if she won't talk to you?? Is there anyone else she will talk to? Would she consider or does she go to a Counsellor, somebody that she can just sit down and talk to in confidence...
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    Lack of stucuyre/change can trigger that sort of behavior with my difficult child. Some days are just better tahn others. Yesterday we had a good day on a medical pass but I had it very,very clear and strcured and worked with her to express I am fruststed at neurpysch appointment. I try to give lots of postives and supports when she is coping more optimally (expressing vs. fits, etc,) Comapssion
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    Thanks, ladies. Yes, it is that TOM...and spending time with her father (ever since he stole her college money) is not good...she just seems so over the top compared to her behavior for the last few months. I think I'll track it and see if the explosions continue.