How Are Things Going With Healthy Eating/Exercise?

I didn't gain any weight while on vacation and am very happy about this! easy child and I took my favorite sanity saver on long walks every day. While we went swimming, I spent most of the time in the water just floating on a "noodle". However, I did run outside four of the seven days I was away.

Since I've been back, I know I've been doing too much emotional eating. At least I'm conscious (SP?) of it and usually stop myself before I do too much damage.

I think the only reason I haven't gained any weight is because I make sure I exercise daily. I'm getting bored with the treadmill and elliptical and am glad nicer weather (hopefully) will be here to stay soon so I can run outside.

I hope all of you are doing well. WFEN

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Too funny-I was just going to start a post on this. Good for you for doing so well on your vacation!!

I too have been doing too much eating-this week the treats in the lounge have left me with no self control! The good thing is I have been exercising (cardio and weights). I have probably gained this week but need to get back on track on the eating end of things.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Not very good I'm afraid. Hopefully next week will allow me to get back to the routine. All this activity has got me out of sorts. I have been doing a lot of steps and walking but the treats are too tempting.


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I have religiously exercised and written down everything I have eaten, but the scale is standing still.....this is my total frustration, but I have got to lose at least 10 lbs. The only result I can see from my last two weeks is my legs look a little more defined, at least that's what I'm telling myself......

My eating is good, and have cut out the occasional glass of wine, so don't really think that is the problem, just need to keep moving in addition to the exercise......
I have been walking a bit more each day. Feels sooooo good to be moving again!!! I am down from a size 18/20 jean shorts and just bought a size 14 and even after washing and drying, they are still a bit "big" around the waist! I am trying the lower cut jeans, not my usual "way up around the belly button" ones and they are soooooo much more comfy and flattering! I have even "cheated" a little bit and eaten a small about of M and M's and a few home made chocolate chip cookies.

Other than that, I can pretty much stuck to my high protein/low card diet and feel great!

I did start some Green T tablets, one in mid morning and one in mid afternoon, with lots of water and that is really helping with my "danger" times of the day that head me for the snack cabinet.

My sweet treat mostly is: Thawed non fat whipped cream, non fat cottage cheese and sugar free jello, all mixed up and then refrigerated for several hours. Makes a great little snack for satisfying my worst sweet craving. It also is high in protein and calcium!!!!

Oh, and I do splurge on celery with a small amount of PB on it and that sticks with me for quite a while.

Good luck to everyone,