How do I find out about CHINS?

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    I'm trying, to no avail, to find out about a CHINS petition in my county. This is not for me, but for a friend. All I can find when I search is that it is only for children that are neglected by one way or another. Is this true? This young lady is 16, in trouble all the time for fighting, stealing, breaking probation, etc. She is more or less being raised by her grandparents. Would it count that her mother and father don't help at all? I think the grandma has "accepted responsibility" for her, but I don't think she has guardianship.

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I've never had any experience in this area.

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    Call you local juvenile court and ask to speak to "intake" or their equivalent if they call it something else. This isn't thru DSS but is thru the juvenile court system.
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    You can also try speaking to someone in the probate court office and/or the clerk of courts. It would also be helpful to speak to the resource officer at the school, AND to someone at the police dept. She is apt to get more help if she actually goes to the offices rather than just calling on the phone. When you speak to someone on the phone you don't seem as 'real' to them and it is easier for them to brush you off.

    IF the police are no help, and she/you feel they are being lazy about it, have her go to the police chief's office. If she can get an appointment soon it might be good, otherwise she should plan to wait as long as needed, bringing a book or project, snacks, a drink, etc...

    She can also go to the District Attorney's office. She may have to be persistent there, but she wants to find out what laws will help her with her daughter.

    If she doesn't get help from any of these she should contact an attorney who practices family law and get a free or low cost initial appointment.

    I am sorry she is having so many problems. in my opinion the parents ARE neglecting her if the gma does all the caretaking, provides what gdau needs. This could get CPS involved and the parents cited for neglect, depending on teh SW and how it is presented to them. THey might help or know some places to get help. MAYBE.

    If absolutely NOTHING gets her info and help, have her contact her State Representative.
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    Not every state has "CHINS" - so that may be part of your problem...

    You may want to speak to the folks at DSS or Department of Juvenile Justice and ask how to get the courts involved with the welfare of this child. Both resources can be surprisingly helpful.
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    The court supervision you're looking for may go by another name in your state/locality. I would definitely have your friend contact the local juvenile court intake, or the police department, and tell them she is looking for assistance with an out of control teen, and ask what type of programs they have.

    I also found this website which may be a place to start with an inquiry: