How do some of you do it???

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Oct 19, 2007.

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    After the last week, I don't know how some of you with health issues of your own do it. Last Saturday I had my colonoscopy and the prep for it apparently aggravated (to try to put it nicely) some previously irritated blood vessels in the nether region. Dealt with that until Tuesday and then went back to the doctor. He sent me straight to the surgeon who removed one and drained another. I was in the hospital from Tuesday till Thursday and am now home. (fortunately with good pain pills)

    This is driving me nuts though. Aside from the pain, I can't really do anything yet and have basically been in bed since Saturday. How do you do it? Being unable to do anything bites!!!
  2. SRL

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    I had my very own Mononucleosis Film Festival last spring. Caught up on a lot of movies and rewatched some old favorites. Wouldn't want to do that long term though.

    Hope you're on the mend soon!
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    I wonder the same thing mstang67chic. I read some of the posts and just marvel at the strength here. Between reading about the parent's diagnosis and the diagnosis of thier children, I get overwhelmed and worry for them.

    Extra hugs for all the parents out there dealing with more than thier fair share!
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    LOL @ the Mononucleosis Film Festival.

    My issue was the "Summer of the Restricted Airways" (that kept me in bed for 3 months) which led to "Not Smoking in the Autumn. Good for the Lungs. Bad for the Culo." I put on so much weight, I swear, I waddle.

    It really does take its toll. I was just thinking today, that I have not given due acknowledgement at how much I have improved. So I did so, and I was grateful for it.

    My empathy and prayers continue to go out to Heather, Timer Lady, Marg, Dammit Janet, Susie, Slsh, and anyone else who is having long term health issues (please forgive me if I missed you. I plead cognitive dulling due to the Topomax...).
  5. DammitJanet

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    LOL....we do it because we have no choice!

    Thanks for the prayers though, they sure help.
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    Oh yeah, No choice at all. Coping is still better than not.

    Sorry to hear about your tushy surgery.
    hope they gave you enough pain medications.

    hugs to all!
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    LOL Janet - absolutely - I don't remember someone asking me if I wanted to start feeling twice my age!!! :rofl: And BBK, thanks for spreading good thoughts. :flower:

    Right now, my biggest motivator is the fact that I was in excruciating pain a month ago. I do not ever want to feel that again, *plus* I do not ever want to have to go thru this kind of recovery again. Even after 2 surgeries in 2 weeks, I am still absolutely phobically terrified of surgery so I will do what I have to to avoid that special personal heck again. :wink: I'm trying really hard to just bite my tongue and not kvetch too much (Timer Lady really helps me with- that one - she's been doing this much longer and with much more grace than I).

    I think the biggest shock with- the whole thing was that I'm not a "youngster" anymore, I didn't just wake up and bounce back. So - I'm eating healthier, quit smoking (oh my gawd, I miss that so much it's pathetic), I'm doing my PT exercises, *not* doing more than I should, getting sleep, and as of today have taken a leave from work because I am still completely wiped out in terms of stamina. I still cannot do laundry, load/empty dishwasher, bend over, lift, or push anything - and I am doing my very best not to sneeze or cough ever again, LOL. We have a CNA coming in in the mornings and afternoons to get Boo up wheelchair ramp and to be available just in case he has a seizure since I'm useless. I've ordered a mechanical lift for him. I've asked for more help in the last 6 weeks than I have probably in my entire adult life.

    In terms of mental health (or what passes for it around here :wink: ), keeping a sense of humor has been really important. Even when I can feel the grumpies crashing down on me, between the nicotine withdrawl and the cabin fever, I try to throw in a bit of silliness between the *itchiness. Hubby helps because he's very warped. The kids have helped too - Wee's current favorite joke is I lost so much disk in my spine that he's now *definitely* taller than me. Books have been good, a lot of TV. I tried Sudoku but that and pain medications didn't work out so well. Hubby got "his" Christmas gift early and is letting me use it (a laptop). M&Ms. Pickles. Once I got the okay for a bath, lavender shower gel and a really nice back scrubber (total luxury for me).

    on the other hand, I think the positive of having this kind of a wake up call is that I think we're all still young enough to be proactive and engage in some kind of preventative lifestyle changes, or at least buff ourselves up a bit.

    Hope your nethers are healing well and that you are able to start getting back to "normal" soon. Don't over do!! :doctor:
  8. totoro

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    I think the same thing... I give a big hug and thumbs up to all of you who are doing this... I hope you all heal quickly!!! Tushies, necks, lungs, insides, outsides, hearts !!!!

    If I have forgoten a specific body part I am pleading Dopamax Dulling also...

    You are all amazing!!!