How innappropiate?


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We were at easy child's 4-H dog show today, and difficult child was playing with another boy. Apparently they bet each other that they could drink a whole bottle of water without taking a breath. difficult child told other boy to breathe thru his "male organ" (to avoid censorship) so he could drink the whole bottle. I realize that difficult child was way out of line, and I do not know if other boy's mom heard. The boy came up to me and said do you know what C said, and then told me. I told difficult child and boy that they should not play together anymore, and difficult child was either with myself or husband the rest of the time. The boy difficult child was playing with was several years older than difficult child.

How horrible is this???


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I have heard worse, I'm afraid to say, but I can imagine how you feel. Does make you wonder where that logic comes from, doesn't it??

Understanding {{{hugs}}}.


Here we go again!
Sounds like something my difficult child 2 would say, and he's only a year older than yours -- so as shocking as it sounded, not so out of the ordinary for a difficult child, I'd say!
The kids around here (many latchkey, street smart, tougher than necessary) talked like that from age 6 or 7. I don't think it is so inappropriate for a 9yo to say that to another 9yo, as long as they weren't playing "show me yours, I'll show you mine".


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Definitely typical kid stuff, especially for 8-10 year old boys. I'd more concerned that he thinks he could breathe through it -- that could lead to some dangerous stunts in tubs and pools.


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I'm with meowbunny - where on earth did he get that idea?

Some kids learn the names for various parts of their bodies as euphemisms or slang terms. Other kids learn the correct anatomical terms from the very beginning. My nephew used to call it his 'spout'. difficult child 3 uses the specific anatomical terms only, although lately he's begun using the same slang term his father uses. At the doctor's, he has difficulty if the doctor uses any euphemism.

I wouldn't worry about this at all, other than the idea of breathing through it. Me - I'd be taking him aside and giving him a lesson in anatomy and physiology. "These are called LUNGS, they're like convoluted air sacs or complex balloons. Oxygen exchange happens on the inner surface right at the end of all the little airways. That other appendage has NOTHING to do with breathing at all, it's connected to the output, not the inlet. And you can't even drain it out to make room for the water you're drinking - that water has to pass through your GI tract and into your bloodstream before the kidneys filter it and get rid of the excess. Hey, it's good to drink lots of water - just maybe not quite that way."

It's good punishment, education. it's a darn good way to make sure he doesn't get it wrong in future.



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As shocking as that is, I do not think it is as bad as it could have been. I think he was just being a goof - maybe a show off for an older boy?

What was he thinking?


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To clear the air, or water, or whatever, he knows that he cannot breathe thru this piece of anatomy. I did not think it was too bad, but the other boy, who was probably in 6th grade or so, seemed to think it was horrible, or maybe was just trying to get difficult child in trouble. The other boy certainly did not like it when I told the 2 of them that they could not play together any more.

I have no idea where it came from. difficult child is know for being a little creative and off the wall at times
Well, I did not think for one second that your son really believed that it was a breathing tube. He probably said it as a joke. Why the other boy felt the need to tattle, I have no idea. Perhaps he thought he was doing something noble, but then it backfired when the boys were not allowed to play together. By the way, is that forever?

To kids, all things that are not talked about with parents are funny. Potty humor. My daughter thinks it is the funniest thing in the world if somebody passes gas. And she loves to say boobies.


Sounds like something my difficult child would say. I know how embarrassing it is, and how frustrating when you try to wrack your brains wondering why in the world they would say something like that.

But on the lighter side...I had to laugh. After all said and done with, sounds like he was joking...and it gave me a chuckle.


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The other boy is part of easy child's 4-H group, so they will be able to play again if there is a chance. I did not consider it a big thing, but wanted some other opinions. difficult child was joking, and I had had enough. We were at dog show from 10:45 untill 6:00. It was a long day. I just did not want any issues, as the other boys mom is either VERY strict, or anxious. But she makes my antenneaes (sp) quiver.

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We were friends with a family who had a son the same age as my son. One day when they were 5 years old he came over and my son was in his pajamas. You'd have thought my son was walking around naked by the way the other boy responded. He averted his eyes and offered to leave until my son got dressed. Total overreaction in my book. I think the other boy in your story may be a bit like the other boy in my story.

If that's the worse thing your son did in being at one place for 7 hours, he's doing pretty good.