How much more can we take? When will violence calm down? Nausa from Adderall xr

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    I don't know if there is anything like that here, My friend in CT work with a compony who sends him to help with mainly kids, one adult with various issues, Autism, Depression etc, just to "spend time " with them. He is getting is Psychology degree. I know theres like Occupational Therapist (OT) who come but thats scheduled visists which is good, but I need someone to come over when hes in a range to "hands on" help us learn what to do... so someone sees we are not harming him...My dad is ready to have a heart attack, popping Nitro for his heart.

    My son started being angry cuz : As soon as he walked in the door from school at 3:30

    1) I wanted to mop the Kitchen floor and clean a lil more before he got his friend to come( that girl he threw dirt in her face last night because she wouldnt let him use her bike anymore) he whined etc I gave in she wasnt there..In and I asked where she was and all I got was a "SHUTUP" thats all we get are Shutups, stop talking, threats, things broken...demands

    2) He broke his scooter and insisted on using a hammer to "fix it" breaking it worse then hit the pole with the hammer because he wanted to which he denies..I was right there looking threw door

    3) His sister said he couldnt use her bike but yes to scooter he said "no jerk" to her she said forget it! Came in and I saw him slam iron door daughter trying to get outside.. as I walked over he had grabbed the keys out of the door lock and locked us in!!! Refused to let us out!!! Ripping a hole threw the screen pushing keys threw but as I tried to grab them I cut my self on screen dropped keys outside. he finally unlocked it when I called my dad to come home :( He fought his sister as she pushed her way out, his way in and wouldnt let her back in. Well, I gently removed him from door he threw himself on floor saying I did it, screaming went to room slamming, kicking pounding on door which can be heard down the street! He then threatened to break the window again. Still pounding off and on now.
    ****My dad said he'd move before but he really has to this time.. his heart is making "swooshing" noises, he has chest pain a lot and is staring to fall often. He needs heart surgery again but cant because they said he wont make it off the table :( So hes living until it stops beating.

    ****He has colored his walls, broke his door, hole in door, broke two windows, broke our dining door, two tvs, broke decorations, cds, cups, blats, hits us, bites us/himself mainly...throws things at us, walls in street, has called police, screams police, takes off, yes violent with friends or what friends he has left... always blames others even when caught doing it. Shall I continue the same ol story? Of course he has some good moments that he is so bright, adorable, funny little sayings handsome smiles and laughing, gets lovable and wants to hug us, lean on us, sit in my lap! But he can do that and we say something about anything and he can turn like a switch and starts shutup for no reason out of nowhere!!!!!!

    Well, I gotta make another sig, I was going to update it so Ill be back to vent .. again.... oh and he said he was gonna throw up but didnt today and asked was that cuz of the medications... well yes I told him, he has to get used to them and it should go away. I cant suggest or tell him possible side effect because he will say he has them when he doesn't....
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    OK, can't help with the violence... haven't walked that part of the road.
    But... nausea from medications?
    1) consider when they are taken and with what... some medications are better taken with meals, others on empty stomach; some can be taken with milk, others must not; etc.
    2) would he take "travelers' candy"? it's a ginger-based (not flavored... real ginger) sweet hard candy, sometimes used for motion sickness, sometimes for migraine nausea ... and we found it helps with medications nausea too. We get ours at a health food store.
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    Warning: Adderrall made my normal placid boy mean and aggressive.
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    InsaneCdn- I did read to take with breakfast and no acidic foods/drinks-meals help, plus with a full glass of water. So He hasn't eaten a full breakfast yesterday or today ( second day on medications today) but did eat. He also ate lunch at school. Hmm I will double check everything again. And yes, he most likely would eat that "travelers" candy!!! I will get that tomorrow!

    MidwestMom- Yes, sadly, I read that. So far he is the same has he always been no changes there. I am worried if it will intensify like u said. But all is the same .. I told the Dr his violence so we shall she :( Can the medications be kicking in so fast? Sorry about your boy getting aggressive. The Dr perscribed this one cuz my son doesnt swallow pills yet and he said this one we can pour into applesauce or such.
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    What does he eat for breakfast? Some things that help (sorry, more work for Mom...) are eggs, hot cooked cereal, bananas, peanut butter.

    If he isn't eating a good sized breakfast, then he may need a mid-morning snack, somehow. (We use a small muffin or a healthy home-made high-fiber cookie - no ice pack needed, easy to eat at recess or other break.)
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    Stimulants kick in right away so you pretty much know how they will affect the child. One day on Adderrall was enough for us and we tossed it in the trash. Every stimulant tried on Sonic just made him more hyper and MEAN. The mean part is important. Although he was hyper-off-the-charts he had never been mean, but he started shoving other kids and kicking us and screaming. Although this happened, to a degree, on every stimulant, Adderrall was the worse one for him. So be aware that medications go two ways...they can help or they can make things worse and in my opinion Mom knows best here. You're the one who lives with him and can contrast his behavior first hand. Do not hesitate to challenge any doctor's opinion if you see that the medication is making things worse.

    We honestly couldn't handle it beyond one day. And he didn't "slow down" or pay better attention either, not that we would have kept him on it even if it had. In the medications game, you really have to be the one to monitor if the medications are working, doing nothing, or making your child even worse. I've taken many medications myself and I'm lucky I finally found some that helped. But before that I had one bad reaction after another to medication. It can take time and some kids do better off of medications.
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    InsaneCdn- I agree with eggs and such but he wont always eat breakfast. He used to eat a lot, quit eating breakfast and started again but only things like some cold cereal, and really eats bigger breakfast on weekend. He has it avail to him, as my daughter has her waffle with everything else etc big breakfast.. yes hes been on peanut butter for a while for breakfast but he didnt want it yesterday. He has eaten waffles,pancakes,left over dinner( he copies my dad) hot dogs,eggs, anything before. Im trying to get him to eat that again. This morning he has penut butter sandwich, water, I was trying to make him something else but he just wanted the peanut butter.He said he ate a little Stromboli today at school but not much and of course hes been eating since hes been home from school. I think hes getting a cold( and allergies bugging) cuz he was up coughing last night and said he has a sore throat. I will be going in Monday to talk with the school anyway, so I will catch his teacher and speak with her on how he is.. plus.. he told me a first grader bullied him, and he already told his teacher. So I need to find out what happened. Thanks for the ideas!!!!

    MidwestMom- I know you all said it cant help with is violence the medications( to calm down) although Dr said it could help. I guess I was hoping by chance it would help a lil. As far as the violence I see him the same, and I know The girl they play with will tell me Im sure if she sees any difference.( she always does and I never ask her to, she just tells me everything ) . Well, one issues at a time I guess but I was hoping the violence could be fixed first. I know the Dr said with in a few days I could see a change, appointment is a month away and he said he'd adjust the dose then if needed. Uggh I dont like medications!!! I will for sure tell him sooner than the appointment -rite away if anything changes. Thanks again :)
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    I *do* think medications can help with some violence. But not stimulants. I have seen very little here of stimulants taming violence in all my years here (close to ten years?). It's speed and I'm puzzled that doctors claim it can calm most kids down, although I do know the theory. I haven't heard of it working, which doesn't mean it never does work, of course. I just think you need to be very careful and see for yourself if it is really doing any good. I would say that better medication for violence would be antipyshcotics (Risperdal, Seroquel, etc.) or sometimes antidepressants, if the child can tolerate them (this is also always a risk).

    Taking my experience here on the board plus real life, and knowing I'm not a professional, I do think that doctors tend to build up our hopes with what wonderful things the medications will do for our kids and then more often than not it doesn't happen. As one who takes medications, found two that work and have taken many others that either didn't do the trick or made me even worse, I have learned to advocate myself for medication. Doctors, at least in the US, are more apt to up the dose of a drug if a child is acting worse than remove it and I learned to mistrust that.

    If your child is violent, in my opinion only (and I don't have an MD!!!) stimulants are not usually the way to go. Speed will make anyone able to attend a little better. College kids know this and some take speed to cram all night for exams. But not otherwise specified convinced it changes any child's behavior for the better...or, I actually should say, too many children's behaviors. And if you kid has something other than ADHD, it is likely to exasperate the symptoms.

    These are serious medications and if we see no good effects or our child is acting worse and just coincidentally it started right after the new medication started or after a current medication was increased, the best first place to look in my opinion is the medication. Every single person has a unique reaction to psychiatric medication. I really believe that we as parents can tell if a medication is working, doing nothing, or making things even worse. Again, though, I am not a doctor, a nurse, or even a CNA. I'm just a patient myself and a mom and I have had some very bad experiences with both doctors and how they prescribe medications and certain medications that were supposed to help that made things worse. So I try to tell parents to use their own common sense when medicating a child. Check the medication online and see all the side effects and if your child displays the side effects listed, consider it a red flag that the medication is the wrong one or that the diagnosis is wrong.

    Good luck :)
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    Thank you MidwestMom :) I do see your points and do trust everyone here because of everything you all have been through and I know you all are to give and get help here. As I said before, and I DO tell the doctors, if it wasnt for a certain forum online( I dont give the name because to me, its not of their business) I dont know where we would be, all suggestions you all give I try to use for us. MD or not, you all are great and you all just need a license in my mind! :)

    My friend says give it a while, the medications probably havent kicked in, sounds like his normal behavior so far. But if it gets worse, call rite away( shes the one with her daughter on medications with bipolar/ tendencies). Of course I want my son to focus but the violence .. that has to be first.. tonight he blew!!! I will keep a lookout as well as look up those medications you said... thank you!!!!
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    Actually, stimulants don't stay in the system to "kick in." They are quick in and out. Unlike most psychiatric medications you don't have to wait 6-8 weeks to see if they will work. You can certainly give it time. Just be watchful :)
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    Confused-just sending some gentle hugs your way. With my difficult child we went through a medication merry-go-round. The violence was so hard to live with. We were lucky that during one of his hospitalizations they decided to try a medication rarely used with children. It was not a cure all but we are mostly violent free and are working on other things.
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    Thanks MidwestMom :)

    Thank you too Wiped Out, Im happy you all found something that helps a lot :)
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    I was told not to take Adderal with a meal. Either eat it an hour before or an hour after. If taken with food it wont work as well.
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    medications are soo confusing at times. Thank you for your experience and advice!