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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    yup i know, me again. i think it i win lotto tonight and that's my personal plan by the way, that i'll have to cut checks for all of you at how annoying iv'e been past 6 mos. i think i need daily therapy lol. holy!!!

    sister in law i went to her shower, highly obligated. anyway she said oh maybe we'll PASS BY on christmas day. I said umm ok, let me know.

    remember this one, how my mom said if their coming We aren't?? yup i'm surrounded by nut jobs in my life.

    well i text her today saying how i'd send husband with kids gifts on xmas eve because i wont' be going and to let me know what time dessert on xmas day would work. i gotta lock up the big dog she has little ones.

    she texts me back and says get this....... OH i thought we were coming over right after husband picks up his kids (we get them at 12 on xmas day) and spending day with you guys!!!

    OMG wtf do i say now? husband ofcourse doesn't answer texts leaves this on me. so now i'm contemplating how to nicely say umm no i do not want you, your husband and 3 kids, father in law and his new girlfriend all day in my home. i didnt' even buy food for all those ppl, didnt' kennel our dog. and simply do not want them here all day, husband and i agreed on that.

    LOL gotta laugh it's all just soooo insane.
  2. Andy

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    "I am sorry! That is not going to work. I have no time to prepare a meal for so many people. In fact, with easy child sick and difficult child not feeling well, we may not be able to have any extra kids in the house. I have asked my mom to come help and I don't feel it fair for her to have to serve MY guests since I am unable to. It really is best for you to plan Christmas at home or at someone else's house and we can let you know if the kids are well enough for company later in the day. I don't want to wear them down with a lot of activity so really do need to keep this a small dessert only event."
  3. KTMom91

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    Get flak helmets for you, husband, and the kids; put out a few bags of chips and several bottles of soda; sit back; and watch everybody like it's a live action movie in 3-D. When the crowd storms out, sit the family down for giant hot fudge sundaes with plenty of whipped cream.

    Or, if you'd rather avoid the show, tell your mom that sis-in-law is dropping by, and when she starts yelling, crinkle cellophane in front of the phone and say the reception's going, you'll call when your phone's working. Then turn it off.
  4. Jena

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    andy not a bad idea. i am shocked that she would think she was just coming with-o even asking me like that. that's how she is, super self serving. husband talks about all the time how she is. i'm like well thank god they dont like me.

    no i can't withstand another whole day with them. i got my butt kicked last year by his dad. my mom's already not coming and i'm good with that. his dad is really nasty to me and i refuse to subject myself to that all day long ago. if there was one dig last year about me not working there were about 5. than digs about my desserts, how i looked because i was sick. etc. no thank you.............
  5. Jena

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    ok i went with putting it back on her. i heard that a long time ago when faced with something you had no clue was happening lol. i said why? you said pass by so husband and i figured dessert would be great. difficult child's not eating again and life's been crazy for both of us, yet we can pull it together for dessert that would be nice. funny thing is whatever i say they'll hate me anyway and bash me so who really cares?? lol.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    "Oh, I am so sorry sister in see I just can't lock up the big monster dog from hades that long, and you see since she has pups........she's likely to eat you for xmas dinner. So really? We stick to MY schedule, if that doesn't suit then noskin off my nose really, I swear I won't have hurt feelings."

    Ok so Andy's is more polite, but I don't even know this lady personally and I've already had it with her pushiness and rudeness. You do NOT invite yourself to someone's house for xmas, you do not invited yourself and then plan to stay the WHOLE day. omg! If you're going to attempt to invite yourself you need to keep in mind that plans are most likely not going to include you in them, so get over it.

    Seriously, I'd have real trouble being polite with her at this point.

  7. witzend

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    Well, I always find that with manipulative people that if you give them an excuse (I can't afford to; I'll be working late; I don't have arrangements for the dogs; etc.) they'll find a reason that your excuse isn't valid. It's three days before Christmas, for crying out loud! I'd go with total and complete honesty. "That isn't what I had planned. Next year we will have to discuss it earlier in the season so that no one will be disappointed. I'll see you at x:xx o'clock as planned."
  8. HaoZi

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    I'd just stick with something simple like "We expected you at X o'clock, we have other plans already and can't change them now." Nevermind if your plans involve a quiet day at home involving the kids, that's not her business.
  9. Jena

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    LOL! oh man...... well kids and i wrapped all night and we had so much fun together. we have been bonding really well lately past week or so since easy child's meltdown in truck and me getting her the help she needed. dont' know when it'll end but i'm riding the wave. i love spending time with them when it's good.

    as far as sister in law is concerned yea their all nuts!! Yet as dr. phil said i CHOSE my life LOL :) or at least husband and his nutty family.........

    i just wrote why? you said you would pass by, so husband and I thought dessert would be great. been rough with-difficult child not eating, couldnt' even get out to shop had to do online. and she never text back. their probably busy harrassing husband via text and his dad bashing me again.

    like i said it just doens't matter what i's always wrong!! i went to sister in law's baby shower sooo didn't want to go, yet i always say doesn't matter if others act badly i should always act the right way. she never so much as text when difficult child was in hospital. well me easy child and difficult child sat in the corner where we were placed, table was crowded she introduced me to no one and so we sat easy child and i ate difficult child had cheesecake we gave the gift and left. husband's kids were here unbeknownst to me, his ex sent gift and kids. his oldest one just sat there the entire time ignoring easy child and difficult child.

    ahh she'll be here xmas day too!! again LOL.