husband on NPR Show "The Takeaway" on Monday!!!

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    husband listens to NPR's "The Takeaway" and posts on their facebook site quite often. In the last month or so they have recorded a couple of comments that he has made. It started with something he posted on facebook, and they contacted him, then called and recorded his comment.

    They called today about a comment regarding if you regard yourself as middle class or not. They will call him about 6:30 am on Monday to make sure he has a good connection via phone, then they will record an interview to be played on Monday's show.

    Here "The Takeaway" plays after 9 am, so if you want to listen you might check the NPR website to see what time it plays in your area. I can give you his name if you let me know via pm.

    He is super excited!
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    how exciting for him and a proud moment for you! I love NPR...