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    So he is better, maybe hypomanic now instead of manic. Not sleeping, psychiatrist doubled evening tegretol and added vistaril and melatonin to see if that would help. Cut Adderall in half.

    He is supposed to have a neuropsychologist evaluation. husband is worried that he is getting alzheimers so psychiatrist ordered it. husband wanted it. I set it up (per husband's request) and neuropsychologist wanted a release of informations so she could get psychiatrist's records. Seems normal to me, she has to have the info in order to do a thorough evaluation.

    husband flipped out. It said the word revoke somewhere and now he is sure that if he signs it then it means he can be locked up in psychiatric hospital again. OMG! The paranoia is exhausting. I tried to explain it, and he got more agitated. I went outside and came back in and he had finished it. I asked him if he wanted me to fax it to neuropsychologist in the morning or if he wanted to go over it with psychiatrist. He snapped wait.

    Sometimes, I just wonder. He accused me of treating him like one of my home health patients. I told him I did not mean to, and was trying not to. He told me again that I do. I told him I do not have s*x with home health pts. He then said, are you sure?:faint:

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh geeeez. That's how my husband sounded when he was hopped up on steroids after his brain surgery. Somehow his mouth moved south to his other end and all that came out was garbage like that.

    I'm sorry he's being such an enormous butt head.

    Why is he taking Adderall in the first place? That's just too much like gasoline for these guys, isn't it?
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    Actually he functions well with it. He is weird. It helps to combat the sedative effect of the tegretol. Right now it is only 10mg, I think only enough to appease husband as he knows it perks him up during the day. Usually he only takes 20mg, so it is a pretty small dose. It can certainly be fuel to the fire, and psychiatrist knows that and will pull it if things don't get better by Monday. husband is getting better, but he is not sleeping well, and that leads to big trouble with him.

    Both kids are acting out a bit, ok a lot. they got through the worst of this episode ok, and now are acting out because of it. I told husband that his manic episodes are hard on all of us, especially the kids. He really does not get that how is affects all of us. I may ask psychiatrist to talk to him about this, he takes things better when it comes from psychiatrist. I don't know anything, ya know! husband was supposed to pick easy child up from school today as I had difficult child at Occupational Therapist (OT). He never showed, did not wake up untill 4pm. I picked up easy child as soon as I could, but she was furious and I don't blame her. Luckily it was not too cold, but she did wear her flip flops today! Maybe by the time spring break is over he will be better. I hope so.

    I am going to try to work tommorrow and the weekend. I will call in if I have to, but I need to work. I have missed over a month of work over this stuff, 84hrs to be exact. Thank god for FMLA!
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    I hope you can get husband on an even keel soon. Those emotional rollercoaster rides are downright exhausting. The paranoia......well, that just wears the patience down. You know they can't help it, but after a while you get tired of having to reason with them over every little thing. Good idea to have most of the stuff about husband's behavior come from the psychiatrist. Let psychiatrist be the bad guy in that dept, especially if husband takes it better from him.

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    Hope husband stabilizes soon, and you and the kids are able to relax as well. Many hugs.
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    trust me daisy, psychiatrist can do all that stuff. I have to do enough. psychiatrist knows this (we talk way too often--I now recognize his voice on the phone!)

    what is really nice is that he is great with husband and good with me also. Has a great sense of humour.

    the paranoia is exhausting, as is the constantly never knowing how easily he is to trigger. psychiatrist is trying, he doubled the tegretol in the evening and added vistaril and melatonin to try to get him to sleep. We will see. At least husband is taking the medications and no longer giving me koi about that.

    easy child went to a movie with some friends and then over to the friends house to stay the night. It was so nice to see her act like a normal teen, goofy and silly. I probably spend way to much buying them goodies for the movie, but I don't care. The poor kid needed to do something fun. It convinces me even more I need to get her a therapist. I have one in mind, but she does not have any openings for awhile. I would rather wait for the right person than hurry to the wrong one.

    thanks for the support guys, it means a lot. When I first joined this group I never dreamed my husband would end up more a difficult child than my difficult child!
  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Yuck! I am so sorry.

    I don't get crazy paranoid luckily. I get super anxious. I have to laugh, we are having to move in the next 2 months and the house is being shown WHENEVER! Which is sending me over the edge...
    The realtor called yesterday when i was at the school doing volunteer work, which is hard on me to get there when anxious. So husband said to me after the 2 showings were over.
    "I am so glad you did not answer the phone, I don't think you would have been very kind, no offense"
    She had given husband 30 minutes notice!!! AND N is very sick!!!
    I am not good with this ****.
    I am trying so hard not to scream at everyone...

    I feel for the both of you
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    T, I wonder if some anxiety plays into the paranoia. It would not surprise me. I guess we just take it day by day, and hope it gets better. It will get better.
  9. ML

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    I am sending you my prayers of support. May you receive healing and a relief of symptoms in the coming days.