I am at a loss!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JenD, May 3, 2008.

  1. JenD

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    My 7 yo is driving me crazy. I just spent the last 20 min crying over her most recent battle. All because it was time for bed.
    So I did some searching and found this place.
    She was diagnosis with ADHD/ODD 3 months ago. We tried Dytrana which caused extreme moods swings. We switched to Vyvanse 1 week ago and things are not getting better. She was completely out of control. Hitting the walls and then her bed with her hands and head. And the comments that come out of her mouth...
    I just don't know what do do with her. I am starting to think that there is much more going on than what we think.
    My husband of 3 yrs is having a hard time with this as well. And as a side note her bio-father(who is not involved) is BiPolar (BP).
    ANy suggestions until I get back in with her dr.
  2. Sara PA

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    I don't think you are as at as much of a loss as you state. I think you know exactly what the answers are.

    1. She's probably not ADHD
    2. She shouldn't be on a stimulant.
    3. She may be bipolar because it's a genetic condition.

    What kind of doctor diagnosed her? Has she had any neurological tests?
  3. klmno

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    Hi, Jen! Welcome to the board! There is a lot of experience and support and good advice from members here and we have all had similar frustrating times. Take what you can and what "fits" for you and leave the rest-

    For my 2 cents- I would recommend the book The Explosive Child. It is a book for various diagnosis and discusses a different type of strategy for raising our kids that don't respond well to the conventional method.

    It might help us to know who diagnosed your child, has she had neuropsychological testing done (it sounds like this would be a good idea), how is she doing in school, etc. Also, if bipolar is in the bloodline, I think I would start charting everything and consult with a child & adolescent psychiatrist.

    Hang in there- you sure aren't alone. This is a great place!!
  4. JenD

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    You are probably right. I know she doesn't want to behave the way she does and it hurts me inside.
    We have been seeing a psychologist and just a simple test under the supervision of her pediatrician. I am working on a referral to a peds psychiatrist right now.
    As far as school she does have her problems as far as staying in her seat, not talking out of turn etc... but her grades are way above average. I have not received as much help from her teacher as I had hoped. I am working with her school to help place her in a better fitting class/teacher for next year.
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    I am at a loss II, I was diagnosed with celiac diease, I have been to several websites trying to find a list of foods I can no longer eat, I havent had any luck , does anyone know where I can find such a list. Thank you, yesterday was my first day of gluten free meals , it is different and I felt strange today , any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. klmno

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    Jen, you are doing a great job and have picked up on important things pretty quick. I think you are a step ahead so I hope you don't get discouraged.

    I'm not a professional and can't diagnose, but this does sound like some sort of mood disorder or something else besides adhd. For what it is worth, my son tested borderline adhd twice (2 years apart) and he has no diagnosis for adhd. They think this is because of the hyperness that occurs periodically (because of his mood disorder). There are many things that could be causing it- but you obviously know that you haven't found the right answer yet.

    I'm glad you are already seeking more professionals to get involved. If you can get complete neuropsychological testing, it will help with school issues. Personally, I think if it is a mood disorder, having a psychiatrist on board with the psychologist who does the testing is most beneficial. But, again, there are other things that could be going on. Do you have a children's hospital or university with a child psychiatric unit? (Not that I'm suggesting inpatient hospitilization) - they can give team evaluations on kids sometimes. It might take months to get an evaluation, but they are sometimes very accurate and helpful.
  7. JenD

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    That is a great idea about the children's hospital. We have a wonderful one here so I will need to check if they have a psychiatric unit.
    I was able to find some comfort last night when I found this forum. I was beginning to think that I was a bad mother for being so upset with her at times but I have found that I am not alone. I have had a hard time talking about this to other because no one understands.

    Thank You!!!!!