I am impressed with difficult child~

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Last Wednesday, difficult child put her little hunk of junk up on craigslist for $850 - waaaay more than it's probably worth, however, it does start up in all weather and just keeps on running. So it's ugly as sin, but it runs very well for a '95 Civic. That same day, she spied a Toyota SUV that she's been dreaming about for $1200. It is clean, runs well, has new thick tires and, as difficult child excitedly siad, "Two cups holders that actually work!" lol.

    My savvy little difficult child not only sold her car, within one day, for $750, but she was able to pick up a nice truck for only $800. She did all the leg work, all the negotiating and had her boyfriend check out the truck with her.

    She borrowed $900 from H on Thursday morning, met the guy buying the Civic and then headed home to hand over $700 to H that evening. Then she negotiated the purchase of the truck for the $800 that same evening and came home and gave H another $100. She only owes him $100. Her boyfriend towed the truck to the shop where he works and he gave it a really good going over and changed hoses and wires, cleaned it up real pretty and gave it an oil change and tune up. I did the DMV paperwork on Saturday morning (she had to work) and difficult child is in her new *to her* truck.

    Everything went so smoothly I almost felt like I had to pinch myself.

    Oh and she also negotiated with my sister to borrow her extra truck for work on Friday instead of asking me to do it.

    Later on Saturday night H told me that he was surprised when difficult child gave him the $700 Thursday night, the same day she borrowed, so fast. He said he was going to let her keep it and tell her to bank the rest of the money, but this is better - difficult child feels so proud of herself, and I am very proud of her too. Her boyfriend is proud of her too - he told her so right in front of me and I saw her beam from the inside out. I think she wanted to really hear H say it and he did in not so many words by saying, "Wow, that's great that you did all that..." but he also commented on the truck's rust spot around the tires and also how it's good she made the deal in the Starbucks with the Civic guy...lol. But enough about him.

    Isn't that awesome that difficult child did all of this on her own with a well laid out plan and using her very own negotiating skills? I am less worried about her with each passing day. I'm amazed at how she's matured little by little over the past two years and happy that she's proud of herself - that is HUGE and the best way to learn how to care for herself. When she does stuff like this, it reminds her of how capable she is. Wow.
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    Absolutely awesome! I can see you beaming from here :)
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    Wow! Very impressive!
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    SUCH great news!!!! :D
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    That is great. I love *good* difficult child news!
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    Awesome!!! :D

    And glad that Dad took the money. That was a very important part of the whole thing for difficult child.
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    IT TRULY WAS! I think it was important for her to do this whole thing from beginning to end herself and also to pay for it herself - be responsible to H and own it and pay it and all that good stuff. Yippee!
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    Way To Go difficult child!!!!!
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    Oh, I would be proud, too! Good for your difficult child! Wishing continued success in all things for you and yours.

  10. Congratulations!!!!!! I am eager to see this kind of progress in my difficult child-s!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for encouraging us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!