I feel like I'm drowning


call 911........call 911

You...are important!
You...are beautiful!
You...are talented!
You...are funny!
You...are smart!
You...are clever!
You...are loving
You...are resourceful!
You...are sexy!
You...are sweet!
You...are deserving!
You...are kind!
You...are dynamic!
You...are appreciated!
You...are devoted!
You...are strong!
You...are wonderful!
You...are tenatious!
You...are fixable!!!
You...have it in you to appreciate your worth.

YOU...are humbly welcome. We already know what you have yet to learn. Been there. Now know WE are here for YOU too! This isn't about a mom or a wife anymore. This is about the survival and revival of K.
Hugs & Love



Roll With It
Karen, I know this all hurts. If y'all need another chuckle like janet,s, well,

We went to visit my Aunt when I was a kid. She was a real saver. Even dried out paper towels to reuse. Came through the depression, was a strong and vibrantly eccentric lady who always was a great source of stories and family tales.

Well, one Memorial Day we took her to the cemetary and then she fixed lunch at her house. While my momma was doing dishes and my bro and cousin(male) were outside, my aunt took me to see something she thought was very special.

She opened up her desk (in the basement) and pulled out a file folder. In it was a Ziploc. In it were the ashes of my Uncle (great uncle, as she was my great aunt). It took me years to tell my mom this, but, it is true. As an act of love, my aunt even bought a new box of ziplocs just so she could put him in one.

Yes. This really happened.


scent of cedar

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Star, I watched the videos about restoring the house, too.

I love that imagery! And it is so true that we forget all about ourselves or how we used to look or what we used to dream.

You make it sound like an easy, attainable, over-time happiness, Star.


Thank you, Star.

I needed to hear that, too.