I hate 3 day weekends... sigh...

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    difficult child is being overbearing. easy child has a couple friends over and she just can't leave them alone or stop dominating any conversation. Geesh... we try to be tactful... like we called upstairs (where she had gone in to her sisters room) and reminded her about the laundry in the dryer to finish up with. On her way downstairs she loudly says... "I know, Jessica, just shup up and leave your sister and her friends alone." Talking to herself.. out loud... in the third person.

    Her little sis has had a horrible weekend... and a couple friends are over to be supportive. But J (difficult child) can't stay out of their way! But, if she has friends over, little sis had better disappear. I usually tell the girls that they should stay away from the others room IF they have friends over... but, if they are watching a movie or playing Wii in the family room, then the sibling should be included.

    As for easy child, her "BFF" of the past year has stabbed her in the back and even put things on the internet and facebook that I would consider Cyber Bullying. They (x-Bff and her "new" bff) were trying to instigate a fight with easy child and calling her the B**** and S**t words. Texting easy child's friend who was spending the night here to "just kill yourself". Geesh. I hate girls and social media. On top of all of that, about 5 weeks ago easy child had her boyfriend breakup with her and the bff get upset with her on the same day... and she took about 12 extra strength tylenol pm and we had to take her to the hospital er. Afterword, we had meetings with the crisis care and her regular therapist and we all decided that she would keep this information secret and not share outside the family. Well, a week later, her bff and her worked things out and easy child told her about the incident. Well, now that they are on the outs, xbff is telling everyone about it. I am not sure what to do. I did see her fb page and copied and pasted 8 pages of viciousness that she was posting. Then the next morning she deleted it all, but I have a copy on my computer. Then another kid posted something and I copied that... would you believe it would be over 50 pages if I did print it? Mainly because a couple other kids kind of took over the post and made fun of the girls posting the trash talk.

    easy child has been my easy child... but last week, she admitted that she felt left out that difficult child got all the attention, even it it was just negative attention. So it was really a cry to notice her. I feel so bad. And now all of this. We are talking to her and trying to be supportive without jumping in and getting involved. I would love to print this stuff out and show it to this girls mom. Just not sure what to do. If things heat up on Tuesday... I will show the principal these messages. This xbff used terrible language but easy child and her friend did not... so for that I am proud of her.

    Well, one more full day before school starts up. Glad difficult child will be at school, but I worry about easy child... KSM
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    Does the school have a policy on this type of bullying? I would call the school and tell them what was posted and see if they will do anything about it. Some schools have cyber bullying policies and because you copied and pasted what was said you have proof that it was out there.

    For what it's worth, I hate the weekends, three days or any other, too. Too much unstructured time for a difficult child to get into trouble.
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    *Poor easy child. I hope she gets emotionally back on her feet. What does her therapist say to do about the cyberbullying? Even if the school doesn't do anything I'd call them up to let them know the situation. Then if something does happen they will already have the back story, and will be more likely to handle it better.
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    I have sent an email to the therapist to see if we can get in this coming week, instead of waiting til our scheduled appointment in two weeks. Since there is only 4 days this week... I don't know if he can work us in. I can't do much with the school... as it is a 3 day weekend. And the girls have asked me to stay out of things for now. They think things will escalate if I contact the neighbor girls parents or the school. easy child and friend are smart girls... they have a guy friend who is going to meet them at our house and walk with them to school... they are going to walk down a different street and not the one they usually do, and they plan to not get there early... but show up in time to just go on in and go to class. A lot of kids go early, and hang around outside until the doors open. I have asked easy child if she wants me to pick her up after school and she said she would let me know, depending on how the day goes.

    I just checked the xbff's facebook page and copied another status and 14 pages of replies... this is after she deleted the first set! I am glad that easy child and her friend did not stoop to the language. Oh, and the girl changed her fb photo to one that looks like her "mad" face... but to me she just looks constipated. This girls is not the brightest child on the block. easy child is in advanced math in 8th grade and she is in remedial math. easy child brought home her geometry book last week, and her xbff thought geometry it was social studies. Maybe she thought it was the same as "geography".
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    Poor kid.
    I mean - every one of them.
    Double especially your easy child - she doesn't deserve it.
    But... I'm willing to bet that this xbff is a true difficult child - a kid with a multitude of challenges, and not the right support.
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    gave easy child a hug and sent her off to school this morning. At least a couple "true" friends came to the house and walked her to school today. And one of the guys said they would walk home with her. I hope there is no drama at school today. I have been praying for her all morning... but the mama bear in me wanted to drive her to school, hide in the car with binoculars, stalk the other girls, and make sure nothing at all happened. KSM
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    I don't blame you for those mama bear feelings. I hope she has a good day.
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    Well she survived today... no physical attacks... but the vocal drama and intimidation is still on going. We did get in to see our therapist after school tomorrow. Poor thing, she came home and was asleep within the hour... and then got her up for supper... and now she is back asleep - probably for the night since 7:30. She is very depressed and now "hates" school. KSM