I hate teenagers

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    And she's not even a teen yet.
    Well, my easy child (ahem) is ticking me off with her attitude. And when she uses her "attitude" voice, and I bring it up she said, with the same attitude, "I don't have an attitude!" She slams doors. She deliberately does little things to get on my nerves. For example, she slams the door shut, but you have to shut it hard or it won't shut. So she doesn't. Then she says, "You're closer than me. You do it." Sometimes she's kidding. Sometimes she's not. I currently have her cell phone and computer in my room because she was rude. She is walking around acting like she doesn't care (although I know she does).
    Pretty soon I'll bet she comes in crying and saying, "You're always mad at me and I never do anything." The other day she got mouthy to a teacher for the first time ever. The teacher made her go in the back of the room because somebody said she was throwing something. She was, but it was because the person had thrown something at her friend. Although I agree that it wasn't "fair" I told her life isn't fair. She told me all the teachers are mean to her.
    Honestly, she wants me to transfer her from our tiny school to a big middle school next year, and we're allowed to do that in Wisconsin, but if she keeps up this attitude I won't do it.
    It's been a long time since I've had a girl teenager. It isn't pretty, and I'm not happy. Ugh! I guess this is more a vent than anything. What happened to my sweet little girl? Oh, yeah. She got her period!!!
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    Hormones, hormones, hormones.... they turn these kids- good, sweet angels- into the aliens from he**. I'm convinced of it.
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    Why is it just the girls? None of my boys got this horrible.
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    I can share mine (son) with you if it will make you feel better...I can get him on a plane tomorrow and I'm sure it will make up for anything lacking from your previous experience with male teens!
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    Quote: My boy

    Thursday: I hate you. It is the worst day in my life
    Friday: I hate you. It is the worst day in my life

    Quote: My Daughter

    Friday: You don't love me anymore (She tried to bang the door into her room, but I have put rubberpads in the doorframe.)

    The reason. We took control of the laptops for work/entertainment. We only have them in our living room, so we can keep track of the community networks they are on and demand friend status if they join a new one. (RealVNC and a number of tracker programs are nice tools, if they are home alone and you want to find out what have been going on since last power on)

    Are kids not always saying such things? I think that the youngest one started when he was 5.

    So when they are saying "You are cruel parents" our answer is "We are aware of that and we cannot change".
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    I don't think it's just girls, however I do think girls are worse. My nephew is 12 turning 13 in March and he is getting very mouthy. He has a nasty attitude much like the attitude of a 14 yo girl. He stomps, slams things and talks back much more now than ever before. Maybe it's the testosterone!!! LOL
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    I'll pass on the offer of more kids...lol. I did have one son who was mouthy. I don't spank my kids, but once I got so mad I slapped him across the face. I couldn't believe I'd done it. So I had my little fun with boy teens too, however my daughter was the one who gave me all my gray hairs that I have to dye. Once they get their period, that seems to be the end :)
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    Tetostorone has it's own set of problems...lol.
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    Hubby, who raised two boys, was completely floored when he got the full force of Miss KT's teenaged girl attitude. He says girls are much worse than boys.
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    difficult child has grown up seeing easy child's innappropriate attitude. Many a days he gets the warning, "Don't you dare to grow up and treat me like that." If he does anything familiar to her behavior, "Are you sure you want to be like easy child?"

    easy child got into trouble doing that - you can follow in her footsteps or learn by her mistakes.
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    I have personally raised 2 boys and 2 girls through their teens. I also work every day with teens. I can tell you for a fact that girls are worse!!! This year we are doing gender classes for all core academics at the 9th grade level. When I saw my schedule this summer I had all girls---I begged to be switched to boys. And I am so glad that seniority won out. Boys are a handful---but they don't have the same nasty attitude or emotional reactions as girls. When pcdaughter was 13-15 I disliked her almost daily!
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    Then all I can say is that if girls are worse, all you Moms of daughters have my deepest and most sincere sympathies.
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    Ugh MWM,
    I can totally relate. husband is putting a video together for Christmas for his entire family. The other day we were looking at pictures of easy child and wondering what happened to our sweet little girl!
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    OK, you guys are scaring me now!!!! Weeburt is in all his teenage glory right now and I'm so not enjoying so-called "typical teen" junk.

    And you're telling me Diva is going to be worse????? :faint:

    Please.... a person can only take so much!!! :rofl: We're already dealing with "why do *I* always have to do everything?" and "you never make Weeburt do that" and "my friends are being mean" and ... well it just goes on and on and on. Nonstop drama. She's not called Diva for nothing. And attitude? Oh - my - gosh. Is that just something that is innate? Where on earth does that snarky tone come from??? We don't have door slamming (yet) but we do have stomping - ask her to pick up her book bag and it's huff huff huff, mutter mutter mutter, and then stomping up the stairs. I swear, I am going to have to really pinch myself to keep from laughing when she finally puts her foot thru the stairs, you know???

    I really feel badly for husband - he is utterly confused by her. It just sends him over the edge when he tells her to take a shower and (almost nightly) she responds with "Why do *I* always have to take a shower first? Why can't Weeburt?" Tears, drama, more tears, and then we're blessed with 20 minutes of her in the shower, just ranting away. The poor man is just baffled, LOL. by the way, Wee doesn't go first because we're back to homework wars - 6 hours to do 20 minutes of homework. ARRRGH!!!

    I'm really thinking I should've started having kids aroung age... oh, maybe 14 or so, just so I'd have the emotional stamina and intestinal fortitude to deal with these hormonal states!

    on the other hand - menopause trumps puberty, doesn't it???? :devil:
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    slsh - next time your diva whines about showering 1st, say, "Fine, I will go first - you have 1/2 hour to prepare for yours." Then, turn off the hot water so she only gets cold. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, only the first to take a shower gets guaranteed hot water. This hasn't happened in awhile, must be the winter air outside?" She may just be begging for 1st in line after that.

    Diva's have a teenage world like no one else. Their dramas increase almost daily. Their independence will have them pushing you away faster then you can imagine. Humour will be a great weapon against it. They get so upset when you are not drawn into the urgency of not being able to wear their red shirt because it is in the wash after spilling chocolate sauce on it. Big Big deal for them to work out because EVERYONE is wearing red that day!
  16. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    OMG why did I have to read this thread?? I'm so in for it...oh wait, I'm already living it!!! AHhhhhhhhh. I have to agree that taking the humorous approach or not being sucked into their drama does make it a little easier to just plow thru the attitude.
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    Another thing that the girls had that my boys NEVER had was that they are so MEAN to each other, and there is so much drama. One day N. is best friends forever with S. The next day S. has the entire class hating her. And the week after that N. will come home all excited (smiling, I swear) telling me that G. and H. got into a hairpulling fight because G. was spreading rumors about H. If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious. Actually N. doesn't like the girl drama. She is partly switching schools next year because in a very small school you can not move from one group to the next when this garbage is going on. There are only fifteen girls and they have to share the same space. She wants to go to a school where, if one group starts fighting, she can dodge out to another group. Yet sometimes I swear she at least enjoys (yes, enjoys) watching the drama from a safe spot far away.
    The oldest daughter was like this too, only she was often the one picked on in the group. When we moved she was in seventh grade and didn't know anyone and was very shy and wanted badly to be popular. She used drugs to gain acceptance and to loosen up. My boys never gave a rat's about being "popular." I wonder if that's a girl thing too.
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    I have to say that my difficult child (son) is proving to be much more difficult as a teen than my daughter was, though, she had her moments...

    I can relate to the comments about girls and drama (and with daughter and her friends, the drama continued even after high school).:queen:
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    I had one of each and my daughter was by far the worst of the two. Boys may get in to things but my son never went through the "I hate mom" stage like my daughter did, or at least he hid it better if he did! With girls, it seems like when they hit a certain age (puberty?) they all hate their mothers and show it by being as rude and smart-mouthed as they possibly can. Mine had a very bad case of it, complete with the eye-rolling every time I dared to open my mouth! Of course, I never stopped loving her but there were several years where I didn't like her very much! You have no idea how much I wish this board had been around when she was a teenager!

    Funny thing, now that she's grown up and married and expecting her own first baby, she was just praying that it would be a little boy ... which it is! She said she'd rather have a boy because "girls go through that hateful stage when they get to be 11 or 12!" Yeah, tell me about it!
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    we have raised most boys,, 4 now grown,, one step daughter was half raised when i came along she was hard because she hated that i was there,,and our daughter now,, hard omg!! 4 boys,they are slobs eat to much fight with each other each wants to outsmart and out muscle the other,,but never ever mean to mum or dad,,not once,, few wee temper tantrums,,but never swear,,never say anything or did anything bad to us ,,just to get us,, i say boys ,,thumbs up are easier