I Knew It Would Not Last Long

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 14, 2010.

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    I knew it. Apparently a week and half of good behavior is all that I get. difficult child came home from school today late because the chess club was meeting. He was in GREAT sprits when he got home. Good day at school, fun at the club meeting, and not alot of homework. easy child finished his homework and ask difficult child if he could play on the Xbox since difficult child was helping me cut up veggies for the pizzas I was making for dinner. difficult child says yes and when he was done helping me went down to play with his brother. That lasted for all of 15 minutes, when I hear the two of them bickering. I told easy child (who was the one who started it) that if he could not play nicely with difficult child then he could go upstairs. easy child goes upstairs, because he doesn't want to be bossed around by his older brother, which completely sets difficult child off.

    I know it's all a control thing for difficult child. He wants to be the one who can tell people what to do. easy child went back downstairs to play with difficult child but wanted to come to the kitchen to get something to drink, but difficult child woudn't even let him come up. I told easy child that if he wanted a drink to come up, no matter what difficult child says, which sets difficult child off even more because easy child is listeing to me, the mother, instead of him.

    I get so tired of this. We have a week or so of really good behavior and I think that maybe, just maybe, we've turned a corner. Then difficult child explodes over something trivial, and I feel like I am slammed right back down to reality.

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    i'm sorry. i know how you feel, take a deep breath get some rest and tmrw's a new day. that' what i always tell myself.

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    I'm with you about having to redirect and teach the same lesson over and over.
    Although I must say having an 11yr old difficult child who is helping to cut up veggies for supper and agreeing to play with easy child when asked sounds pretty good. The bickering sounds typical for siblings. I know difficult child's issues are magnified but it still sounds like a good day. It's just never perfect and difficult child's like to throw that monkey wrench in when things are going well.
    I sure get it.
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    I finally realize that the good stuff comes in increments and rarely looks like any type of continuum. So enjoy the good days and when the bad days come, remind yourself they don't last.