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    Sorry if this seems roundabout but it will make sense in the end.

    I don't know if you remember or not but both my kids do school through an online charter school (LONG story). This has been working GREAT for us for the most part. difficult child 1 is getting the help he needs (from me & teachers) as well as the flexibility he needs for his issues. difficult child 2 is doing exceptionally well (he always has) but also has a social life (and volunteer job he LOVES and they love him) because he doesn't spend his whole evening doing an exorbitant amount of homework.

    Anyway, they are both in different level math classes but they have the same teacher (different curriculums, work, schedules, etc.) difficult child 1 loves going to her "classroom" lessons....never complains about HERS but does the others. difficult child 2, being difficult child 2, goes because it's expected.

    :teacher:This teacher called today (they make a point of calling once per quarter) to see how things are going. We talked for a bit and.....(here's the brag)

    :proudmom:1) difficult child 2 NEEDS to be in the honors math class next year. "He's the definition of honors" and "it would be a real disservice to him to keep him in standard math". She's also afraid that he will get bored if he's not in honors. She "can see him having a career involving math in the future". (I informed her that he's been saying he's going to be a math teacher since he was in 3rd grade and has never wavered)

    :whew:2) Because I see difficult child 1 struggling with the abstract introduction to algebra, I was considering having him do basic level class next year (a step down from standard). She said "I wouldn't do that to him. He may be struggling a little but overall, he's got a good grasp on it." Wow, either she's dilusional or I'm underestimating him. Hmmmm

    :bigsmile:3) In May, the school is having statewide field trips and the teachers get to pick where they want to go to lead one. She informed me she intentionally picked our area because she knew this was OUR home area and she wants to meet the boys in person. She is "so taken by your two boys".

    I don't get to hear things like that very often, especially about BOTH my boys in the same sentence.:916blusher:
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    So proud of them too! And YOU. You have sacrificed so much to give them this opportunity. You stick with them through the hard days and have set up all the extra activities to give them social opportunities. Nice work. I think it will be wonderful that they can actually meet the teacher. Could inspire them too.

    Thanks for the share. Really great to hear.
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    YAY! Congrats to all of you!
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    You SHOULD be proud! Take a bow, Mom!
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    Congratulations! Way to go to the kiddos! :hi5:
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    Wow! That is awesome!
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    How cool is that? Very! :)
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    HOW COOL!!!

    I like brag posts... When our kids show how awesome they can be!!!
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    a cool mom.
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    :bravo: That is great!