I think I can breathe a sigh of relief

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Feb 24, 2011.

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    difficult child was able to take the first dose of suboxone today. He sounded very relieved and I'm hoping I can breathe a little sign of relief myself this evening.

    I also did some calling around today to find out about food pantries in our area becasue he called me asking if I could order him some food when he got out of his meeting and I texted him the name of someone I spoke to today that said all he has to do is call him tomorrow, because he does this every Friday, and tell him he needs a box of food and he will set one up for him and he can go pick it up. I'm not going to start ordering him food to be delivered to his hotel room, because once I do that once, you all know how that goes........

    The only negative thing is he was talking about applying to a recovery house which would only cost him $135 a week, but today he said he's really liking the hotel he's staying at with his girlfriend for $250 a week, so i'm seeing the recovery house idea going down the tubes very quickly.

    I helped him this week when he was making the right choices and if he chooses to stay at the hotel, I need to step back and not give him a dime towards it. I told him that isn't going to get him anywhere.

    So as they say, time will tell!!
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    This is wonderful news! Sounds like he's getting it together and that's very postitive! Good for him!

    Now for you. I saw your other post where you are having trouble waking up in the middle of the night. I've had trouble with middle insomnia before. Yes, it has a name. Weird huh? My doctor asked me to do a sleep diary, then suggested a few things like reading a very boring book, soft lighting, not eating anything after 7:00 PM, no exercise after 9:00 PM, changing the laundry detergent my sheets and pillows were washed in, lowering the temperature of the room, white noise, etc. In my diary I had to write down when I woke, what I was thinking about, and when I woke up the next morning approximately what time I woke up, if I had restless leg syndrome or racing thoughts etc.

    I ended up getting trialed on a number of anti-depressants. Eventually my middle insomnia turned to full-blown insomnia, but with AD's and a muscle relaxer? I get full sleep. There is an herbal remedy - Valerian that is supposed to be very good, but I can tell you reading a tool manual or War and Peace is also a zonker too. I hope however this news today helps you get a restful nights sleep.

    Hugs & Love
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    Thanks Star. I hope so too :)
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    I keep lavender-scented stuff in the bedroom, I find it very calming. And some lavender lotion for my hands at bedtime.
    Hope he sees the benefits of the soberhouse over the hotel soon.