I think I've been adopted again

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    I've mentioned that there are some stray cats that I feed. One of them is maybe a year old or so if that and a loner. I honestly am not sure if she's one of the kittens of the resident mamma cat or not but she usually gets chased away if the others are around. Because of this I make sure I put food out when I see her come around. She'll slink up to the porch looking all around for the others....it's kind of sad to watch actually. A couple of days ago, husband mentioned that "one of the cats" must have gotten in on the front porch when he went out earlier because he saw it shoot out when he came home. I looked outside and sure enough, it was "outcast kitty". Yesterday I was in a hurry and when I walked out, she shot inside the porch. I didn't have time to do anything so I called husband while I was driving. He set some food, water and a make shift litter box on the front porch and apparently she stayed there for awhile. By the time I got back though, she had gone back outside when husband walked out.

    This morning I saw her heading away from the porch as there wasn't food out yet. I went out to put some out and she came running back when she saw me. I opened the door just to see what she would do and sure enough, she shot right inside and went straight to the food that husband had left out there. I've been out there off and on the last couple of hours and for the first time ever, she's let me pet her. She must have decided I'm trustworthy because just in the space of a couple of hours she's gone from watching me, sniffing my hand, brushing up against me, allowing me to pet her (as she purrs like you wouldn't believe) and even let's me pick her up. I've opened the outside door a few times and she'll walk out to investigate the food outside (exact same stuff she has on the porch) but if she see's I'm closing the door, she comes right back in. She's also tried to follow me into the house but I haven't thought that would be a good idea with Chester, Cloe and our other cat. LOL Plus....if we keep her (quit laughing y'all) she really needs to go to the vet I think before I allow her around the other animals. I know she's never been to one.

    I just am not sure how to handle this. I know she's used to being outside but she's made herself pretty comfy on my porch. There is a lot stored out there and a lot of old blankets and she's currently perched on top of some of them, looking out the window. I can prop the door open a bit so she can come and go if she wants but that would also allow other cats or critters acess and I don't want that. Plus....if the wind is blowing the right way, it will catch the door and slam it open and/or allow the weather in on the porch. I guess I'll just randomly see if she wants to go out and take it from there.

    She's a beautiful cat. Black and gray but not the typical tiger stripes. She's got that more solid larger pattern to her and amazing gold/yellow eyes. I'll try to get a good picture of her when I can.

    Oh and I think she may be pregnant too.
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    It's so nice to see another svcker as big as me exists. :rofl:

    As you know I have Minnie and Underfoot outside......2 strays who have solidly decided we are their people whether we like it or not. (we had no say so in the matter) What they don't know is that I've actively been searching for good homes for them for months. They are both just like Bruce in personality. And both cats have managed to make my dogs fall in love with them. Minnie and Underfoot play with all 3 dogs in the back yard, it's hillarious! And they greet Betsy with an out pouring of love and affection each morning when she goes out to potty. lol

    Both very much want to come inside. And yeah, I feel sort of guilty that I have Bruce inside who used to be a stray.......but Underfoot is male and I don't want Bruce thinking he needs to spray his territory and Minnie would most certainly have to get spayed first. And yeah, like I need 3 cats inside when I'm already allergic as hades to the one already here. (thank God for Zyrtec) And both have lived outside since kittenhood and I don't know if they'd catch on to a litter box.

    So I have a tiny dog house on the front porch for them with a cushion inside. It's faced so that no wind gets inside and it can't get wet in there. They love it.....along with all their kitty friends.

    I dunno why they never leave..........why would you leave a house that gives you left over shrimp and fish.....or cans of tuna when they run out of cat food. :rofl: And lets you feast on turkey or chicken carcass before they throw it away. *snort*

    You could put a litter box on your porch and see if she makes use of it. The dog house I have is from Odd lots and is pretty darn cheap......but it keeps them warm and dry. With a litter box you wouldn't have to let her on and off the porch. And she could warm up to the other animals gradually.

    Betsy tromps on cats. She adores them and thinks they're puppies. She puts their whole heads in her mouth, she puts her enormous paws on them........and never really hurts them. If she can make friends with Minnie and Underfoot, given time Chester can make friends with yours. :D

    Welcome to the club Stang. lol
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    I'm a sucker, too. That's why I have 6.

    If you think she might be pregnant, she should be eating kitten food - for the duration of the pregnancy and nursing.
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    You are NOT a svcker. You are a sweetheart! Of course you are keeping her. She isn't giving you a say in the matter.

    Cats just decide that you are theirs. Sort of like we adopt puppies.

    I would not worry about letting her out. Certainly do NOT keep the porch door open. She NEEDS proper nutrition, the stuff in kitten food, and the other cats will kick her out of your porch area if they get half a chance. The other cats will also spray your stuff if they get onto the floor.

    Just make sure there is a litterbox. Most cats, except feral ones, will use a litterbox. If they don't it may be the type of litter. It helps them get used to a new box if you put litter from the old box in the new one. I mix it half and half with new litter.

    If you can get her into the vet it would be a good idea to get her checked out.

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    and I bet she was one happy cat! She sounds beautiful.

    We have lots of "outdoor" kitties running through the neighborhood and kindly neighbors feed them. I believe a bunch belong to one neighbor (I see him putting food and water out for them) and think there are also some that are strays. I worry when it is bitter cold and wonder where they go. I had seen one disappear under my neighbor's porch and guess that provides shelter. A smaller cat came to our glass storm door one day, peeked in, and as soon as it spotted my cat lying near the door (my cat is HUGE) and peering back, it quickly scooted from the porch. :2scared:
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    I think this is why the panther boys' mama had her kittens in my yard. And why I have three 20 pound solid black cats tearing through my living room right now.

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    How's the new baby? *snicker*
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    Good god, you have a lot of cats! And boy are they big! I have never had big cats. Ok...well one cat we had was big but that was years ago.
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    Well....I'm not sure what's up with this cat. I left last night to watch my friend's kids and husband got home before I did. I had texted him to let him know she was on the porch but when he got home, she scooted right outside when he opened the door. I have yet to see her today but I haven't been at the computer till now (4:36pm) and this is where I usually am when I spot her. Normally, if no one sees her, she won't hang around. So....who knows. She's disappeared before for a couple of days and then comes back. Honestly, I think the strays that I feed have their own little beggers route. One of them used to belong to someone and just never went home for some reason when he was out once. I found out his name (Mort) and called him by it once. I got the most astonished and disgruntled look from that cat....it was hysterical! He literally stopped in his tracks and looked at me as if to say, "How in the WORLD did you know that?".

    Anyhoo...I'll keep watch for her and just see what happens. I would think she would at least come back to have someplace sheltered to have her babies.
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    Cats can be gone for a long time.

    My daughter in law dumped 4 cats on us when she found out she was pregnant with Hailie. Swore up and down she just couldnt be around the litter box ya know. Well one of them was the momma and three others were her kittens. Not two months after they arrived, momma and two of the kittens disappeared. I have no clue where they went.

    I was left with one of the kittens. I really didnt like any of these cats. Then this cat got pregnant. Ugh. I decided to let her have the kittens and then find homes for the whole lot of them. Well, I fell in love with two of the kittens. Yeah Im a sap. So, we found homes for momma and the rest of the kittens.

    So...Im left with Phantom and Mittens. Phantom we really kept because he was a runt who had gotten lost outside when he was a baby and we thought he had died but he found his was back somehow before the rest of the litter got gone. He was so tiny! Obviously momma had been going out and feeding him something.

    Well, eventually Phantom and Mittens grew up to be toms. They started fighting during mating season. Mittens ran Phantom off. I havent seen him in over a year but we did catch a glimpse of him one time so I think he is still alive but is living at someone elses house. Mittens still lives here but we only really see him daily during the winter and fall. Spring and summer he stays mostly outdoors and comes in for a meal every week or two. Just enough to let us know he is alive. He will stop in the yard and play with the dogs. Just when I think he has bit the dust, I will hear from him...lol.
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    roflmao - all witches have black cats. :tongue:
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    I'll put a spell on you, baby...

  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    ewwwww GOOD one KTmom......

    (notice we got no response) ----probably making a potion and turning us into toads. :tongue:
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    My potion skills ARE legendary...

    It's that old black magic...:singer:
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    I have 2 black cats, and my beloved Cassie was black. But everyone knows I'm a witch.

    Oh, wait....it starts with another letter. :slap:
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I......am looking for a black cat. Does that count? :tongue: They are typically the least adopted/adoptable and most put-down in a shelter. Suffer from black cat syndrome like black dog syndrome.

    Flutter....I......um......er.......ehhhhh......ahhhhhhh......two kittehs huh? WOW...you sure are an animal lover. heheh. :redface: (snort) ;)
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    I have 6 kittehs and a dog. 2 of the kitties are black, 2 are calico (one being a tortie), 1 is white, and 1 is a gray tiger. :tongue:
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    Son # 2 and K have 5 little black kittens. Come to CA and I'll hook you up.